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Yunnan large LED light box dress up high-speed Kunming West toll station

June 6 evening 20 o’clock, when many of the participants to participate in the first China South Asia Expo guests from the Kunming West toll station, the eye was surrounded by beautiful magnificent large public advertising attracted the word saying: “Meet the beautiful spring city, sharing wonderful South Bo “,” Road Changren and the cloud of the road, through South Asia. “

It was discovered that this is the Yunnan Provincial Highway Development and Investment Company to meet the first in South Africa held in Kunming and the specially designed highway access to Kunming West toll station portal new image.

In mid-March this year, the referendum company in Yunnan Province received a request to improve the urban environment, to the highway access to Kunming toll station landscaping, lighting, greening, purification. In order to design the Queensland high-speed Kunming West, Kunqu high-speed Kunming North, Kunshan high-speed small hi village three toll stations “landscaping, lighting” program, staff overtime, sixteen easy draft, by the end of April Kunming “The Office of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Communications through.
Yunnan large LED light box dress up high-speed Kunming West toll station

Toll station outside the light box real

According to the program, in early May, through careful organization, day and night overtime, 26 days to build two groups of 60 meters long, 5 meters wide light balance, within the texture of large LED light box light box, June 4 built Test light success. And in the billboard and the surrounding green plant, so that the past to the Kunming West toll station staff and crew feast for the eyes.

Today, the two corridors comparable to Kunming Changshui airport light box billboards, carrying the South will be beautiful.
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