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Wu Cheng bus station light box light and light and advertising box lights

Media news recently was reflected in the Xiongchu Road, near the middle of the bus stop at the bus stop light box at night never bright, to the passengers brought great inconvenience, passengers need to find their own needs, lines, but also with the help of light Look, and next to the advertising light box is bright.

Advertising box lights bright five percent bus stop light box night dim light

Reporters recently visited the bus stop found that the night is really not bright, and next to the advertising light box bright. After the reporter two kilometers to visit Jiangcheng a number of bus stations and found that about five percent of the bus station light box at night did not light, reduced to furnishings.

Night exploration bus station Wu Cheng stop sign light box does not shine

Jiangcheng how many bus station light box night light is not bright? Reporters recently two-way field visits.

April 10 at 20 o’clock, all the way to drive from the Hubei Daily News, along the East Lake passing Shuanghu Bridge, Zhuo Daoquan North Road to Luoyu Road, and finally drove off the mountain road to the big Peng Village. Along the way a total of 32 bus stop, only East Lake Road to East Lake Road along the road, Lu Lane Plaza, Optical Valley pedestrian street platform, light valley coordinate city 11 station lights lit lights, the remaining 21 stop signs are not bright.

April 12 at 21 o’clock, all the way to take a bus 601 bus from Jianghan Road, to the Hankou Railway Station, in Yang Chai Lake transfer 512 bus eventually arrived Gutian all the way. 30 bus stops along the way, 19 bus stop is not bright. After statistics, 62 bus stops to visit a total of 40 stop signs are not bright, accounting for the total number of bus stops nearly Qi Cheng.

However, there is no light in the bus stop, some have no light box, do not have the lighting conditions. But the installation of the light box bus stop, there are about five percent did not light. Such as Guanggu Square to Guanshan Avenue along the bus stop, are the new type of integrated bus stop, but along the way in addition to Optics Valley Plaza, Optical Valley City, and other commercial facilities near the station lights, the rest of the stop sign Are dim state.

Bus stop signs bleak, but the advertising light box is another scene. Jianghan Road to Gutian all the way to visit, the way through the 30 stations are basically the advertising light boxes on each platform are bright and dignified, a picture of the compact light box advertising, in one or two meters outside are at a glance.

Passengers can not see the station took out the phone to the lighting

9 evening, in the Xiong Chu Daoguan high school bus station, passengers Mr. Zhao took out the phone, open the flashlight function, with the phone light to see the bus stop sign. “Zhao was pushed under the glasses, pointing to the next side of the advertising light box, said the bus stop did not light up, every time follow the advertising light box to find the light box, Bus stop sign, and to see the sign on the line, the station name would have to use the phone.

11 o’clock on the 21st, but also in the high school bus station on the platform, an older old woman squinting staring at the stop sign for a long time, and ultimately to the roadside students to inquire about how to ride the way to Hankou youth road The Coincidentally, the students with glasses of vision is not very good, and ultimately a living in the vicinity of the public told the old lady should take 715 bus to solve the problem. More advertising news Please keep an eye on the ad portal

12 at 21 o’clock, a Yichang to Han’s motor car into the Hankou Railway Station, passengers out of the station have been crowded into the bus station. Hunan to Han travel Miss Qu squint looked at the bus stop for a long time, and finally gave up the bus ride. She told reporters that friends in Yichang school, taking advantage of Ching Ming small holiday after no class, she and friends to play with Hubei. This is the first time she came to Wuhan, looked for a long time did not see what they should sit in the end of the car. Eventually, she chose to take a taxi to the hotel.

Wuhan to build public transport bus stop should be lit up

At present, Wuhan City is building a “bus city”, so that the bus travel to become the first choice for the people of Wuhan. Interview, many people call, as soon as possible to let the bus station light up, bus stop night should also have the same service function with the day.

12 evening, in the liberation of the road Zongguan platform, just from Beijing back to the Han public Ms. Zhang said, as a work outside the Wuhan people, each year back to Wuhan always found the city has a very big change, but as a city window, a few The change of the bus stop at the big train station is not very obvious. She called, as the city’s managers, should start from the window, so that the bus station lights up, more humane.

In the optical valley school Yan students also feel the same. He said that in the Guanggu area there are many college students in this school, most of them are to study abroad to outsiders. As the main means of transport, bus stop even at night should also make people see clearly.

In the visit to the Hankou Railway Station, Mr. Hu from Zhengzhou, said he repeatedly came to Wuhan, Wuhan City, the bus station advertising light box for the beauty of Wuhan night city environment has played a positive role in the bus stop light box is also very atmospheric, Beautiful, but unfortunately some of the bus stop light box night is not bright. He hoped that the bus stop on the light box should also light up with the advertising light box.

Often take the bus Mr. Ning told reporters that he had a night when the car, see the two have moved to Panlong City, the elderly back to the residence to visit, because the bus stop light box does not light can not see the bus lines, very inconvenient. He hoped that the construction of Wuhan municipal construction after pregnancy, the construction of bus stop to meet the needs of the elderly and outsiders.

Bus stop light box does not light is not to save power

The same bus station, why the bus station light box is not bright, and advertising light boxes are brightly lit? More news advice, please pay attention to advertising

banner stand displays

Wuhan Public Transport Management Office site responsible person explained that the reason is very complex: part of the bus station light box is not bright because the lamp is damaged, while the other part of the equipment, but do not have the conditions of power.

He introduced the Wuhan bus station advertising light box, first in the bus station light box installed in place. There are light boxes of the bus stop signs are replaced later, and advertising light boxes have been applied for lighting, there is a certain limit of electricity load. The addition of a lighting function of the bus stop, by the electricity load restrictions, can no longer “light” bus stop.

At present, there are hundreds of bus stations in Wuhan night is bright, but mainly concentrated in the central city. He said the station light box is not bright or not to save power. “Every year the station charges to millions of dollars, as long as the conditions, it will light stop sign.

According to reports, at present, Wuhan City, a number of main roads are under construction, which also makes many bus stop temporary replacement, can not power. Such as the Yangtze River Road and subway construction, along the bus stop on the need for temporary replacement, to be completed after the construction, re-declare the bus stop, and power, decoration work.

For some of the bus station is not installed the bus stop, the bus office will be in batches, planned to be replaced. Last year, Wuhan City, replaced a number of stations with newspaper stations show bus signs, access to public praise. But the person in charge said at the same time, Wuhan City, some bus stop after the update, some people deliberately destroyed, so that management is a headache. He appealed to the public to take care of public property and to be able to report an alarm on the unethical behavior of deliberately destroying the bus stop.

Bus lights light box light and no light, and the side of the advertising light box lights, whether it is disrepair or that the road signs are public nature and advertising light box is the economic nature of it? In the light of advertising light boxes at the same time, the relevant departments why not the bus stop Light up?

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