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What is aluminum light box?

From the definition of the name, aluminum light box refers to the use of various types of aluminum materials as the main raw material produced by the basic light box, so the name of the light box called aluminum light box.

Aluminum light box to the aluminum (such as: 2 points, 3 points, 4 points aluminum) as raw materials to form the entire light box frame bracket, and then installed light guide plate, light guide plate around the installation of LED lights, and then use the light guide plate Astigmatism to increase the use of high light, light guide plate can make the light box uniform light, so that the light of the light box is more gentle,

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In the light box structure, the brightness of the light box is closely related with the thickness of the light guide plate, under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the brightness of light boxes, light guide plate with the thickness of the light box is proportional to the size, that is, light box size The greater the thickness of the light guide plate should be a corresponding increase, of course, the thickest light guide plate is not more than 20mm. Finally add lights and panels, so that a aluminum light box on the production is completed.

This kind of aluminum-type light box can be made of heaven and earth waterproof light box and four open side of the two, however, you can also according to the needs of the venue to the aluminum required color, is a more suitable for some home furnishing furnishings Of the decorative lights, and if the subway station with such light boxes to advertise, is also a good choice, because this profile of the light box can also be made of waterproof, so it is also some of the attention of outdoor advertising object Oh!

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