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Visual test and objective measurement of the standard real light box

IE provides a new real light box, which is mainly used to analyze the quality of the image under a mixed light source.

In today’s industry, lightstudio has almost become a standard tool for image quality analysis, especially visual analysis. In 2010, IE produced the first real test light box, and the measured spectrum can be analyzed. Since then, IE has developed different optional components. LightSTUDIO-ST (with two standard lamp caps) The last update is the ideal hybrid lighting system that can be used to automatically evaluate the white balance. Two different light sources are set by two setting modules, and the left and right sides of the real light box can be illuminated at the same time. Two separate operator panels are independent of each other. With the help of the partition, the light box structure can also be divided into two parts from the middle. Light boxes with standard lamp and can send different types of light, the lamp can be issued by the type of light F12, F11, D50, D65, halogen or blue filter halogen lamp.

display frames

LightSTUDIO-ST and lightSTUDIO-S, the box is a simulated reality scene. Through the light box in different objects of color and texture, you can make an effective analysis of the lens. The box adds a high saturation color of the kind, can be used to analyze the camera’s color saturation, Teddy fur texture loss, and in the ceramic, metal and glass objects on the reflected light as visible. If the camera has a molar problem, it will be easy to see, just like the physical filter in the box. The label on the bottle in the box is a standard for testing the camera’s resolution. The physical objects in the box are designed to assist in measuring the standard test cards, and these objects are certified by ColorChecker. Since the objects in lightSTUDIO are always the same, the test of the same result can be repeated at any place and time. This is ideal for international cameras and cell phone manufacturers. To ensure that a test is comparable, you must use the same structure of the light box, and this test can be achieved anywhere.

LightSTUDIO Available options:

LED: lightSTUDIO-L is loaded with an LED lamp. This programmable iQ-LED light source has 22 color channels, can produce a variety of colors of the light source.


HDR: Two LG2 lighting systems can produce images with high dynamic range. When the main light is dark, use the black box behind the transparent test card can reach more than 10,000: 1 contrast ratio.


Moving targets: In order to test the video function or resolution, to get the image of the dynamic object, you can use different parts of the lightSTUDIO: a disk or test card that rotates up to 600 rpm and can be simulated at 3 m s Real scene.

Moving targets

· Summary

· LightSTUDIO defaults to basically contain all the kind.

• For a special application (such as lightSTUDIO ST) or replace the inside of the light box, you can get a new set of all objects.

· LightHEAD-S package can be replaced. These can actually be used to produce light bulbs, have been tested for 100 hours (fluorescent tubes).

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