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The use of road signs light box for legal propaganda

In order to deepen the rule of law to create a society to create a work to understand the people, understand the law, law-abiding good atmosphere, a few days ago, Heshan City, the Office of Law and Law to create innovative legal publicity, the use of urban street signs light box publicity, to further expand the coverage.

Reporters saw, in Shaping Street Xinhua Road, Metro Road and other sections of the road signs light box, printed with “according to the law, the use of law”, “to resolve contradictions by law, safeguard the rights and interests according to law” and other prominent legal propaganda slogan. It is understood that there are 32 streets of 80 road signs light boxes printed on the legal publicity slogans and posters.

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Heshan City, the official responsible person said that the legal publicity slogans and posters in a simple and intuitive way to the masses of the people of the popularization of law, so that the rule of law thinking deeply rooted, led the whole society to form a law, usage, respect for law, law-abiding good sense of rule of law

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