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The composition of ultra-thin light boxes

Ultra-thin light box composition: floor, light guide plate, light source, light, panel, aluminum.
Ultra-thin light box is the application of light guide plate, reflective film, cold pole tube and other major components.

Ultra-thin light box used by the spare parts: panel, aluminum frame, power data cable, wood border. The frame material is aluminum and stainless steel two, the use of elegant streamlined design, pleasing appearance, and a variety of colors spray.

Features: ultra-thin, beautiful appearance, easy construction, uniform light, environmental protection, eye protection, power and so on. The appearance of fine and diverse, at the same time to meet the increasingly diversified users, personalized needs, customer satisfaction services.

Ultra-thin light boxes are widely used in subway, airport, station, trading center, shopping malls, banks, studios, hotel hotels, large casino and other indoor places.
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