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Subway 80 light boxes show Changsha construction

Changsha City Rail Transit Group, Xiaoxiang Morning News Subway Media jointly organized by the Golden Cup cable full title “2017 witness the beauty of Changsha, the focus of the project tour” as the theme of Changsha construction and development of large-scale public welfare activities. Activities in the Metro Line 2 line 80 subway light boxes on the 2017 key project construction in Changsha show.

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In 2017, with the introduction of the “Three-year Green Action in Changsha City”, a project such as urban park construction, community greening construction, urban fitness and leisure greenway construction, green primary and secondary roads Minli people focus on the project landing, so that the city of Changsha has become more beautiful and Reiki, more effectively improve the public’s happiness index. Subway light box will show “three years green action” has been achieved part of the results.

In addition, the show also has thousands of Li Road, rapid transformation of the transformation of the East Second Ring Road completed, Yang Lake Wetland Park three open and other key projects.

The public welfare activities to “record with the subway light box city changes” form, to show the city in the city, living environment and other aspects of change, faithfully record the development of Changsha city construction history. 80 subway lights are located in the Metro Line 2, the public in the Orange Island Station, Wuyi Square Station, Changsha Railway Station, the town of Bay Station, Venus Road Station, Yuan Jialing station and other subway stations can see the record of historical changes picture of.

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