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Special rectification light boxes to enhance the city city environment

Special rectification light box advertising

Enhance the city city environment

(Reporter Luan Yuelin correspondent Shi Dongxiao) to enhance the urban environment, improve the city appearance, the city of Zijingshan South Road, the streets of the Office of the recent light box advertising chaos chaos pendulum, marketing advertising banners chaos chaos hanging and other market issues to focus on special rectification action.

“Double Festival” and its holiday after a period of time, Zijingshan South Road, the streets of some of the business district operators will be free light box advertising on the city road, free hanging promotional advertising banners, including food, fitness, intermediary and other industry operators , And some even light box advertising and debris placed on the city green belt, not only affect the city, but also to the past pedestrians bring a lot of inconvenience. In this regard, the city of Zijingshan South Road, the streets of the Office of the timely conduct of special governance action. The special rectification action by the Office of the Urban Management Division Joint Law Enforcement Squadron carried out by the community, grid, community patrol team in close cooperation, remediation focus on Zijingshan South Road, Ziyun Road, Erligang Street, Erligang South Street , Jincheng Street and other wholesale, retail business stores and “five small” stores more concentrated area. Remediation action, the staff to carry out civilized law enforcement, pre-take evidence, according to the law issued a deadline for rectification notice, and issued a city management publicity page, successfully persuaded some business operators to clean up their own rectification. The rectification action to clean up the light box advertising 25, remove the broken facade signs 7, clean up all kinds of floor advertising more than 20 pieces, remove the chaos chaos hanging more than 10 advertising banners, clean up the illegal operation of 10, good action Effectiveness.

The next step will strengthen the inspection and management of law enforcement, and further create a clean, civilized and harmonious urban environment.
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