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Space station LED light box living in the “space a flower

International space station, out of a flower. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly announced this historic news on the social networking site Twitter, and distributed a picture of orange hay daisy in full bloom, which was just the last weekend.

“The first flower that mankind has ever cultivated in space has been unveiled,” Kelly wrote on Twitter, “Yes, there are other forms of life in space.”

For the day and night to take care of its astronaut Kelly, it is really like the Antoine de Saint Eksu Perry pen that is the little prince of the rose, unique, beautiful and proud.

From the Kelly in the push on the pictures of the view of the day, this “space a flower” mosaic green, flowers into the goose yellow, orange, orange red gradient state, fresh and dripping color and graceful shape, and the earth The difference is not too big.

But for the sake of zero gravity, the petals in the space station were more open, as if they were stretched out in their waist, almost lying flat, not as subtle as the flowers on the earth.

This space is the place where the growth of the bacon, is the International Space Station plant laboratory led light box, which contains a red, blue and green led lights consisting of a set of cultivation system.

NASA explained that Russian astronauts planted wheat on the Mir space station in 1996 as early as 1996. The Plant Laboratory of the International Space Station was established in May 2017 and its function is not only to study the growth of plants in outer space, but also to explore how astronauts can eat fresh vegetables in space.

Vegetable cultivation trials are critical to the future of exploration of Mars because future astronauts must grow vegetables in a lack of supply space for self-sufficiency. In addition, there is a big advantage of vegetables is to adjust the psychology of astronauts, because long-term living in a closed, isolated, no green planting in a small environment, people prone to a variety of psychological problems.

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The first crop of the International Space Station is the red lettuce. “Two of the first boiled lettuce were dry, so the astronauts treated the next batch with caution,” said Trent Smith, project manager for the plant lab, who planted the second crop. When the astronauts pay special attention to adjust the water supply.

Most of the vegetable grows. Flight crew in a month after the harvest day, they eat their own in the space station out of the dishes. Scientists see the taste of this tongue as an important step towards manned ships to Mars. NASA said that if astronauts exploring space could eat their own food after flying away from the earth, they might be better able to deal with harsh space adventures because these missions would take months, or even years.

The picture shows the pink light, the astronauts on the vegetable production system to test.

Earlier, the US astronauts have been in the space station to complete a number of experiments.

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