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Some of the bustling places at night light box defects affect the city image

Huadeng early, the city’s main road along the street store signs neon lights to become the city of Mizuno night landscape. But some light box signs, shop neon lights, electronic billboards and other lamp damage is not timely replacement, not only did not play the effect of dress up the city, but let the city image greatly reduced.
Reporters recently on the city’s many bustling areas of the main street to investigate and found that many businesses light box signs there are different levels of defects, such as: peace road “dog ignore the hotel” and “reason” word does not shine, became “dog is not big Hotel “; Binjiang Road” wheat purchase leisure square, “the” wide “word does not shine, became” wheat purchase leisure field “; Binjiang Road,” should be a big fur “and” skin “word does not shine, became” should be grass ” Purple Mountain Road, “RT-Mart” the “big” word does not shine, became “Runfa”, people unintelligible.

Citizen Zhu Jie: As a consumer, when I see those who are not clear to the people can not identify the light box signs, do not know what it wants to express, or even be misled to find a destination, not as good as the lights are good, Business in my heart the image will be discounted.
People Li Yue: I often see the roadside light box signs exist “lack of arms and legs” situation. If the business is not doing routine maintenance, to ensure that the advertising light box integrity, beautiful, money to set up these light box signs what use?

Private owner Wang Dongjin: I think doing business from registered trademarks to the formation of the brand, need to pay a lot of effort. Light box signs out of the problem will directly affect the business of the enterprise and brand image, more harm than good. It is recommended that these businesses start from small to maintain their own brand image, do not let a few pieces of incomplete light box signs bad hard hit the brand and reputation.

People Yue Jia: people often say that the neon is “the eyes of outsiders, the locals face.” Street light box signs is an important part of the city landscape, the city night can play a landscaping, lighting the role, and even from a city to see the cultural heritage and the degree of civilization, night light damage is particularly detrimental to the city image.
Lawyer Zhang Chengyi: “Tianjin City Appearance and Environmental Hygiene Management Regulations” provides that: “along the street units or shops, as well as the approved set of operating shed booth night lighting lighting facilities set by the operators responsible for; non-business, by The user is responsible for. “” Night lighting lighting equipment owners or users should keep the facilities in good condition, timely repair damaged facilities. Violation of the provisions, ordered to make corrections within a time limit; overdue correction, at three hundred yuan more than three thousand Fine. “From these regulations, businesses are also responsible for the timely repair of damaged lighting facilities.

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