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Solar light boxes can also guide the power

In the eyes of people, the roadside advertising light box and then ordinary, but through the invention and transformation, without the need for urban public power, and with solar energy, energy and save money, light boxes and then add the city map, but also for the passers- Become both environmentally friendly and practical. In the just-concluded 30th Provincial Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition, the city’s new road two school three years three classes of eight-year-old boy Liu Jiaqi this small invention won the first prize. In August this year, Liu Jiaqi will also take this small invention to participate in the 30th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition held in Hong Kong, showing the style of Taiyuan, Shanxi children. Children to find things to explore the desire

Yesterday at noon, we came to Liu Jiaqi home, tied the red scarf Liu Jiaqi is asking the father of the principle of remote control.

This is an ordinary children’s bedroom, the only special is that the desk filled with a wide range of objects, there are electric pen, electric iron, the resistance line … … is simply a miniature test bed.

“Son most like to play the equipment on the table, always like to open them, and then install the restore. Sometimes just bought back the little things, he must open, that is to see what is going on, maybe this is curiosity and Trying to show the performance of it.I think that he opened the things often can even restore back. “Liu Jiaqi’s father is proud to tell us,” children to dismantle things, adults do not scold.Then he put a variety of instruments through the assembly also Can become a new item, very creative. “Observe the creative effort to increase motivation

Speaking of their own invention, laughing Liu Jiaqi told us, once, and my father walking, he was particularly curious about the street advertising light box, from the father’s introduction that the current advertising light box mostly only the role of publicity , And its electricity from the city public power grid, still need to be bright at night, so more power.

Since then he has been wondering how to save energy.

Through the school in many times to participate in solar car technology production competition, he learned a lot about solar energy knowledge. Small home so Qi to the teacher: can not use solar energy for the advertising light box? It is good to find out the investigation

With the help of the teacher, the small family gathered a set of data:

Area of ​​3 square meters of traditional light boxes to 15 40W fluorescent tubes, a total of 600W.

display show fabric led light box backlit light box sign led dynamic backlit advertising board focus on featherlight lightbox led pixel module pcb board 12v 20w

Consumption of 0.6 degrees per hour, the average daily by 8 hours, the daily power consumption of 4.8 degrees, 1752 degrees a year power consumption.

According to the basic city price of 0.62 yuan, each advertising light box needs to pay electricity 1086.24 yuan per year. If used for power supply, can travel 1489.2 km, more than Beijing to Shanghai is still more than 200 km; can be used for power supply, can be used for coal mining, can be used for coal mining, For a working 8 hours a day computer work for three years … …

Look at such a set of data, small home think, to be a solar advertising light box, you can save so much power, save so much money, there are so many benefits, it is worth doing. Hope to add a new feature

“Later, I found a lot of outsiders to Taiyuan travel, travel is very familiar with the road, even the locals, because the road transformation, often appear wrong way, can not find the destination.” , Advertising light boxes in addition to the role of advertising, and then have the function of pedestrian guide, it would be more convenient.

“So, under the guidance of the teacher, through the development of programs, experimental research, which lasted more than six months, my work finally formed.” Fingers of the size of the shoe box model, small home proudly said.

We note that the model is green in whole, the top of the light box is equipped with neatly arranged solar panels; the front shows the ads; the back shows the map, the location of the red five-star map is the current location, can make people quickly on their own location Positioning, the side also indicates how the nearby streets should be transferred to the bus and other information; side ultra-thin, from the side of the expansion can also quickly and easily replace the map and advertising content.

Xiaojia Qi told us that in recent years, the city’s new repair the road, in the installation of bus waiting room when the map light box, but still did not use solar energy, which he felt a little regret.

“Now, I was wondering if the advertising light box with WLAN, mobile phone charging USB interface, etc., so that everyone’s life will be more convenient.” Small home hope that his creative advertising light box in the future can become our city A beautiful landscape.