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Shanghai Railway Station light box advertising to attract migrant workers

“On the afternoon of 10, the reporter found in the center of the Shanghai Railway Station North Square, where” emerge “two nearly 10-meter-high cylindrical LED light box billboards, the” Scrolling display of content, specifically set up for migrant workers rich employment information.

In addition to this warm red welcome slogan, on the billboards together show the four Shanghai “Shanghai staff employment service center,” the detailed address and contact telephone, and “12333” employment hotline. In addition to LED light box billboards, the North Plaza, ground, a number of passengers to reach the location of the mouth, also set up six light box advertising, display the same content.

On the same day, in the home after the Spring Festival return home, into the city of migrant workers has increased significantly. Shanghai Railway Station North Square on the crowd flow. These billboards are very eye-catching, attracting many migrant workers to stop watching.

From Anhui to work in Anhui Yejiang and fellow just under the train, dragging the suitcase, carefully looked at the exit of the light box advertising on the job service information. “A lot of fellow people are spending money through a private intermediary to find a job, these government service agencies are free and reliable, I intend to consult.” Ye Jiang said.

These eye-catching “advertising”, is the Shanghai Foreign Personnel Employment Management Center and Zhabei District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly set up.

led flat panel lights

“Shanghai migrant workers a train station, will be able to understand the first time the city’s public employment service agencies address and contact information, a great place so that they get job registration, job information inquiries, career guidance, labor rights counseling And other free public services. “Shanghai Foreign Personnel Employment Management Center, deputy director Ding Feng said.

Reporters also learned that big advertising to attract migrant workers employment another reason is that some enterprises in Shanghai are suffering from labor shortages. According to the relevant departments of Shanghai at the beginning of last year, a survey of more than 700 second and third-generation enterprises showed that there were about 15 million jobs in the city, and there was a shortage of general workers and technical workers. It is difficult to solve this dilemma in the short term.

Ding Feng said that to attract and retain migrant workers employment, both need to improve wages, work environment, but also need to actively perform their duties to further improve the service.

“The advertising effect of the train station is obvious, two days ago to consult, employment has increased significantly.” Jiading District, Shanghai staff employment service center deputy director Zhang Yanhua told reporters on the 10th, February 9 is the first after the Spring Festival Day, there are more than 200 migrant workers to come to consult, looking for jobs, significantly more than the same period last year. 10 is a rainy day, all day there are more than 150 times the amount of consultation.

According to reports, as of the end of December 2010, all districts and counties in Shanghai have been to Shanghai migrant workers to open a special public employment service sites, or in the public employment agencies set up a service window. Starting from February this year, Shanghai will carry out “spring action” to promote migrant workers and employment enterprises “docking” to ease the structural contradictions of the city’s labor market.

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