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Passenger Center 118 light box advertising replacement LED lights

Changzhou passenger center this month for all 118 light box advertising lighting transformation, the traditional fluorescent tube into LED lights.

Reporters in the passenger center north and south square between the channel to see the new LED light box for uniform and beautiful, brightness is also higher. Changzhou Electric Research Institute is working under the staff told reporters that the use of this LED light box, about 60% energy saving, compared to fluorescent tubes only a few thousand hours of life, LED light source life of up to 100,000 hours.

Reporters learned that the old advertising light box about 520,000 degrees per year consumption, consumption in this one on the electricity as high as 450,000 yuan. The investment of 260,000 yuan after the transformation, the annual energy saving 315,000 degrees, a year down to reduce the cost of electricity can be recovered.

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North and south channel 66 advertising light box will be completed before the transformation, the remaining 52 of the transformation will be completed by the end of this month.

Since then the passenger center will also be the whole station 2900 lighting and light signs to transform, all using LED light source, it is estimated that all the transformation will be completed after the annual saving of 72.5 million degrees, the annual savings of 630,000 yuan electricity.

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