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Outdoor billboard production materials of the new darling – light box cloth

With the increase in the demand for advertising market, to improve the overall level of outdoor advertising production is increasingly important, the development of the advertising industry requires advertising to high-tech, large-scale development. Followed by the advertising company boss of the advertising requirements are getting higher and higher. A lot of advertising materials company focused on advertising research and development and production, light box cloth has become a new darling of outdoor billboard production materials.

Outdoor billboards production materials include: now used light box substrate – flexible light box cloth, in the domestic market, there are Otteron, 3M, cola cloth, Suntaike cloth, South Korea light box cloth, the main raw material is latitude and longitude poly Vinyl chloride layer, suitable for a variety of applications made of outdoor light boxes. Its indicators are different, the price is not the same, in the selection to grasp the specific functions and give full consideration to the applicability of the indicators. For example: for the thermoforming PC material, suitable for outdoor light boxes, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, high-grade light box is an essential material. Slot type material is the United States imported special aluminum side panels, 15 colors, 3 kinds of specifications, suitable for all kinds of fonts, can be built-in light source, in addition, night luminous materials, such as fluorescent paste, cold film, has also started in the market use.

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Light box cloth is a two-layer PVC and a layer of high-strength grid cloth composed of light box signs fabric, sub-lighting and outside the two lighting. The main production methods are knife scraping coating method, calendering method, paste method (melting method). Light box cloth advantages are: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weatherability, light transmission, flame retardant, peel degree, flatness, such as ink for inkjet, color reproduction and so on. It is because the light box cloth has so many advantages, it is outdoor advertising bill making good advertising material.

Outdoor billboards made of light box cloth materials, not only withstand wind and rain, and not easy to tear, but also easy to clean, easy to corrosion. Other advertising materials will be with the advertising materials and equipment gradually increased. Please visit the advertising network.

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