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Outdoor advertising market 50.7 billion US dollars LED screen urgent innovation

Today, science and technology increasingly innovative, while driving the rapid development of outdoor advertising industry. According to the prospective industry research institute released “2017-2020 China outdoor advertising industry market forward-looking and investment strategic planning analysis report” shows that the first half of 2017, mainland China outdoor advertising total delivery amount of 61.5 billion yuan, and the first half of 2017 Comparison, up 11.6%. The global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach 50.7 billion US dollars in 2020.

Outdoor advertising market 50.7 billion US dollars LED screen urgent innovation

From the above data, we can see the outdoor advertising market development space is huge, LED display as a new trend in the 21st century outdoor advertising media, the future market prospects are immeasurable. However, in the major LED advertising operators competing rise at the same time, outdoor advertising problems are exposed one by one, in such a market form, forced to LED outdoor advertising industry must be innovative.

1, LED outdoor advertising embarrassing situation

As we all know, the outdoor advertising carrier from the poster, light box is advertising, the traditional signs, neon lights and other evolution to the outdoor LED display for outdoor advertising provides a richer form of expression, enhance the publicity effect, and further strengthen the outdoor advertising to the city Image support. Especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, LED display gradually occupied the majority of outdoor advertising market share.

However, from the current point of view, the fierce competition makes LED business profits will be low, the improvement of production capacity directly affect the market supply and demand, price behavior is frequent. According to relevant research found that about 70% of the LED outdoor advertising business at a loss, 15% of the enterprises in a break even, only 15% of corporate profits, more than 70% of the LED outdoor advertising display vacancy rate of up to 70% 80%, making the entire LED outdoor advertising industry in an awkward situation.

LED outdoor advertising everywhere

“The operating income of the outdoor LED display is relatively stable in the first-tier cities and is limited by the impact of the economic downturn, but we can not be optimistic, because even in the first-tier cities except for the landmarks,” said Wang Tian, ​​co-founder of Beijing Qingmei Road and Landscape Design Co., Regional outdoor LED display operation has also declined, income and expenditure more and more close, or even a loss, and in the second and third tier cities, LED display operating income is more optimistic.

In addition, the Shanghai Advertising Association outdoor advertising committee director Qiu Dongming introduction: “We now LED outdoor advertising display screen, a screen about the annual income equivalent to a traditional billboard 3 times to 6 times, that is, its content is also There are 3 to 6 times as much “. But in fact the amount of advertising can not match. Ren Qiu Dong analysis, “a concentration of information, big brands done, has been covered, small brands may also be unable to do, especially the surrounding brands, as well as the surrounding crowd has advertising needs, there is no way to do.” It is understood that the current average area of ​​about 100 to 150 square meters of advertising screen, the price of each second is about 9 cents, but even 9 cents, there are still many did not sell and vacant, which has become LED outdoor advertising urgent problems to be solved.

At present, we face the concept of large data brought about by the new changes, LED outdoor advertising will also enter a new round of innovation tide, if the LED outdoor advertising can not break through the existing shackles, even if the market is broad, there will always be some enterprises Will go to perish.

2, LED outdoor advertising how to break through the business dilemma?

In recent years, many outdoor LED large screen have fallen into the dilemma of operating loss, its fundamental, it is not difficult to find the reasons for the big screen operating losses are the following two: one is in the government’s strong support and the market fueled, the major cities The outdoor LED large-scale surge in the impact of the market, whether it is local operations or large-scale operation of the country must face the difficulties of the second investment difficult. For the traditional LED advertising screen, even if a customer did not have to play advertising around the clock. Moreover, the second time the second investment, the greater the loss of profits, which is the majority of large-screen operators can not escape the problem; the other is the outdoor advertising delivery mode is not very reasonable, LED outdoor advertising standardization, can not really do To a virtuous circle.

That being the case, then how should LED outdoor advertising screen break through the existing business difficulties it?

LED outdoor advertising how to break through the business dilemma?

First of all, LED outdoor advertising is the impact of outdoor advertising advertising cost of the main factors. “Precision delivery” Although the industry has long been proposed, but the real market application is still in its infancy. In recent years, the domestic urban planning has a characteristic, the regional division is more clear, the property is more clear. We have to understand such a recognition, the more detailed urban functional zoning, LED outdoor advertising more accurate delivery of the more valuable, so that people quickly browse to interested information is far more than the purpose of advertising directly to the effective. Large data collection and delivery, digital media technology constantly updated for precision delivery to provide greater support.

Second, the LED outdoor display industry, the existing technology and outdoor advertising innovative business model combined. Beijing Qingmei Road and landscape design agency co-founder Wang Tian suggested: “must not only focus on technology, just look at the manufacturer to do the point spacing is small, should put some thinking, and other areas can be combined with the other Come out, for example, through the design of the LED into the whole building, or the environment, as the whole environment of the highlights or landscape.

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We have always been in the landmark building on the screen, the landmark media is more accurate should be called landmark building media as the best quality outdoor resources favored by many advertisers, has become a lot of regional, city and national image propaganda and information dissemination of the important way one. Can be described as the first landmark after the construction of the media, according to the scope of radiation can be divided into regional landmarks, urban landmarks and national landmarks. Then we should be thinking about how the screen will become the city’s landmark. Wang Tian, ​​for example, said: “For example, at the time of the World Trade Day in Beijing to do a curtain, in this sky when the sensation, the World Trade Day is not famous, but because this design attracted a lot of people in the past feel the first big day to follow, Later, there are many cities in the country to imitate this approach. “This will be able to explain the use of existing technology and materials to design and play its advantages, LED advertising screen will be a good point of concern.

3, LED display manufacturing help outdoor advertising development

LED outdoor advertising development can not be separated from the LED display technology innovation, in the face of outdoor advertising dilemma situation, as a product supplier, LED display manufacturers need not only to ensure product quality, and the need for further optimization and innovation, So that more technology is grafted. For example, LED display components to achieve the standardization of production, our screen will be in the transmission of information, especially in the future of intelligent city to build the process, can play a very good role.

Coupled with the innovative development of LED display technology, LED display can be a good integration of somatosensory technology, 3D technology and AR technology, through the camera, combined with somatosensory technology, 3D technology and AR technology, many network control outdoor LED display You can quickly generate a detailed data report, and through the relevant algorithm can help advertisers to advertise to the most suitable consumers.

It is understood that many outdoor LED large screen manufacturers are clearly aware of the traditional media and high-tech integration of the development trend, and actively use the hi-tech rapid promotion of outdoor advertising novelty and expression, but also created a variety of interactive ways to attract the audience Attention and participation, such as Qi Pu photoelectric home AR enhanced reality LED display.

The future, into the era of large data, LED outdoor media will face new opportunities, and this will also mean that LED display manufacturers put forward more requirements, to comply with the needs of outdoor media development. We believe that the majority of LED display manufacturers under the joint efforts of the LED display will be in the era of outdoor advertising promising, take advantage of large data, the idea of ​​a better life spread to a wider audience, we look forward to.

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