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Outdoor advertising has become the standard of beautifying the city

You know what is the outdoor advertising it? In fact, we see the streets of the LED display, real estate advertising and so on are outdoor advertising. Advertising is for a specific needs, through a certain form of media, open and widely to the public information transmission means. Then the outdoor advertising is the outdoor advertising company in order to corporate propaganda, through the open form, hype means.

led message board signs

Outdoor advertising (outdoor advertising), generally set out in the outdoor advertising is called outdoor advertising. Common outdoor advertising are: roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, LED billboards, and now even have air ball, airship and other advanced outdoor advertising form.

Outdoor advertising production is produced in the late nineties, developed nearly two years. Today, many advertising companies are increasingly concerned about the creativity of outdoor advertising, design results to achieve. All walks of life earnestly hope to quickly enhance the corporate image, dissemination of business information, governments at all levels also hope that through outdoor advertising to establish the image of the city, beautify the city. Which gave the outdoor advertising production provides a huge market opportunity, and therefore put forward higher requirements.

Those who can in the open air or public places through the form of advertising at the same time to many consumers to demand, to achieve the purpose of selling goods can be called outdoor advertising media. Outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories: flat and three-dimensional categories: the plane of the road signs advertising, posters advertising, wall advertising, posters, banners and so on. Three-dimensional advertising is divided into neon lights, advertising columns and advertising tower light box advertising. In outdoor advertising, road signs, posters is the most important two forms, the impact is very large. Designed to produce exquisite outdoor advertising with a symbol of a region.

In the rapid development of science and technology in modern society, outdoor advertising also cited a lot of new materials, new technologies, new equipment, and become a landscaping city of art, is one of the signs of urban economic development.

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