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Optimization of Fire Light Box in Zhongliangshan Tunnel

Zhongliangshan tunnel due to historical design reasons, the road width is narrow, the original tunnel fire signs were scratched. In order to reduce the scratch of the signs, change the content of a single, not eye-catching, maintenance inconvenience and other shortcomings, recently, Chengdu, Chongqing, completed the construction of 123 sets of firelight light box technical transformation work.

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To enhance the functionality of the fire light box, to reduce the thickness and increase the brightness of the purpose of the new light box has been modified several times, designed for the wedge-shaped style, with all stainless steel, built-in two LED lamp. At the same time, also increased the length of the light box, and the use of simplified graphics and digital intuitive, full display of fire room internal facilities.

In addition, for the convenience of maintenance, the light box will be made into a movable buckle connecting the mask and the backplane, to achieve the maintenance only need to open the activities of the buckle can operate the effect.

After verification, the new light box since January this year, the first installation so far, there is no case of scraping situation.

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