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On the principle and characteristics of ultra – thin light boxes

Principle: ultra-book light box (light guide plate ultra-thin light box), is the light guide technology and digital printing technology combined with high-tech products, the use of ordinary fluorescent tubes or LED as a light source, and a variety of frame materials Into a multi-functional new light box.

Features: ① energy: the same size than the traditional light box using less light source, saving more than 80%;

poster size frames

② environmental protection: more than 95% of the material can be recycled;

③ ultra-thin: only a quarter of the thickness of traditional light boxes, economic beauty;

④ convenient: easy to install and replace the lights quickly;

⑤ uniform light: light uniform, completely flat light output;

⑥ beautiful: advanced light guide design, to ensure that the lamp is not heat generated by the lamp and yellow.

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