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Metro in the LED lighting “money King” unlimited

Energy efficient, efficient, reliable, strong earthquake resistance, suitable for subway operating environment

As the subway perennial in the underground operation, the lights have a high demand. It not only requires energy saving, high brightness, long life, but also must ensure uninterrupted lighting. However, the commonly used incandescent, fluorescent, high pressure sodium lamps and so there are some flaws, there will be some difficult to avoid lighting failure.

In contrast, LED has environmental protection, energy saving, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and other characteristics, to extend the service life and significantly reduce energy consumption. Moreover, the strong characteristics of LED shock is very suitable for subway operating environment, you can do not have to replace the six or seven years, LED energy efficiency than ordinary fluorescent lamps nearly 50% higher.

Therefore, LED has become the best green lighting. Subway stations using LED lights, not only can save a lot of electricity, but also can save a lot of maintenance costs. At the same time, can also ensure the quality of lighting. LED for the current subway lighting system problems, providing a novel structure, low cost, long life, energy saving effect, high reliability of the subway lighting program.

According to expert estimates, although the LED lights expensive, but the equivalent of ordinary fluorescent 50 times. A train transformation of the total cost of up to 5 million, but the savings in electricity and maintenance costs almost three years to recover the cost, it is expected in Beijing subway large-scale promotion. It is understood that ED, also known as semiconductor lighting, is different from the new generation of ordinary energy-saving lighting technology. In the test of the G432 train, 168 fluorescent lamps will be replaced by all the LED lights. Relative to the price of each five or six yuan fluorescent lamps, the new replacement of LED lighting market price as high as 300 yuan. The current pilot project is a national “863” scientific and technological research content, temporarily provided by the manufacturers free of charge.

Jiuzhou photoelectric Shenyang Metro LED advertising light boxes

Recently, Jiuzhou photoelectric successfully completed the Shenyang Metro Shenyang station LED advertising light box replacement. At this point, Jiuzhou photoelectric in just 25 days, with high quality and efficient style successfully completed the Shenyang Metro Tiexi Square Station, Shenyang Station, Taiyuan Street Station, Youth Street Station, Zhongjie station hall LED advertising light box installation And debugging, excellent measured results have been highly recognized and appreciated by the owners.

drop ceiling panels 2x4

The Shenyang Metro Light Box lighting energy-saving project owners hope that through the implementation of the project to achieve lower power consumption, reduce operating costs and improve the environment, in particular, to enhance the effectiveness of advertising results, the technical requirements are very strict: requirements luminous brightness in 1500Lux , The energy consumption does not exceed 270W, the uniformity does not exceed 1.2, the material used in the product must be above the B1 level fireproof materials, electrical equipment has CCC or CQC certification and so on a series of requirements. In addition, in order to use the National Day holiday to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, the owners asked the project to be completed before the National Day, which means that the entire project time is only 1 month.

In this case, in order to fully meet customer needs, Jiuzhou photoelectric special lighting project team to actively optimize the design, after a detailed on-site survey and the relevant departments of several arguments, the Shenyang Metro “tailor-made” several LED advertising light box. Jiuzhou photoelectric in the Shenyang subway to install the LED advertising light box product power of 250W, compared to the Shenyang Metro which is installed inside the 20 T5 lamp, each lamp is 35W, the total power of 700W light box, energy saving up to 64%.

At the same time, in the debugging process, Jiuzhou photoelectric LED advertising light box products in color, brightness, uniformity and other aspects of the performance of the owners before the request, which, the owners highly recognized and affirmed. In the process of project implementation, in order to speed up the project process, special lighting project team and related personnel day and night overtime, company leadership, procurement and other relevant departments to fully support and cooperate, and finally, in our tireless efforts, the project has been successful success.

Xinli light source successfully completed Xi’an subway lighting project

Recently, Sichuan Xinli light source Xi’an Branch successfully completed the Xi’an Metro 17 stations LED advertising light box installation, commissioning and follow-up acceptance work, for the upcoming August 28 opening of the Xi’an Metro to do the lighting preparation.

Xi’an subway 17 sites of LED advertising light boxes all by the new light source production installation. Sony LED light box with high-quality LED light source, light box durable, maintenance costs are extremely low, compared with the traditional advertising light box, LED light box lighter weight, energy saving ratio of 50%. The entire light box design diversification, the use of flexible flashing way, more advertising effect.

Due to the high requirements for the implementation of the Xi’an subway project, Xinli Light Source Xi’an Branch, after receiving the Xi’an subway project mission, detailed plans, clear objectives, the implementation of responsibility, with practical action and sincere service, won the Xi’an Metro Company’s high degree of recognition and affirmation.

Guangzhou: 16 subway stations will be fully replaced LED energy-saving lamps

Guangzhou Metro 16 stations will be a comprehensive replacement of LED energy-saving lamps, and become cross-strait technology and economic and trade cooperation as an example. Reporters yesterday from the Guangzhou municipal government was informed that “on the approved” cross-strait semiconductor lighting cooperation project — Guangzhou Metro demonstration project “project request” has been approved, is about to start the tender.

It is reported that the replacement of the lighting subway station, including the ternary, the railway station, Yuexiu Park, Memorial Hall, the park before the Haizhu wide taste of the city of Nangong, Jiangnan West, Xiaogang, China University, Lujiang, The station, the station public area and the channel, the entrance and so on the ordinary lighting fixtures will be replaced by the LED lamps, the transformation of the number of lamps is about 18000 sets. The total investment of the project is 29 million yuan, among which the purchase cost of lamps and equipment is 20 million yuan, and the engineering design, construction fee and test fee are 4 million yuan and 5 million yuan respectively. The project will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to open the tender to determine the supplier.

According to reports, the replacement of LED lamps are green light source, with energy saving, environmental protection and so on. After the completion of the transformation is expected to save 30% than traditional lamps, thus saving electricity and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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