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Light boxes, e-commerce era of the game

Light box, the traditional advertising display equipment, with the development of electronic technology, with each passing day! Network era today, changed the traditional business model! Light box advertising new family: ultra-thin light box www.lightboxboardpanels.com, electronic light boxes, crystal light boxes, etc. also to the new four-hole display in the history of the light box stage, and by the user’s favorite.

Do you still distribute business cards? Are you still reading the yellow calendar? Are you still calling everywhere? With the advent of e-commerce era, these waste of human resources, and recruited marketing has been a curtain call! Free Baidu, the light box of large and small sites glance … … the face of these, the new light box business model coming!

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Light box subordinate to the advertising service industry, in many ways, do the industry service is the most difficult to do, it was said: advertising is not done, and its advertising services industry difficult, in the face of customer requirements, controversy. Even call it, that kind of service is really not really business. In foreign countries, did not see this meaningless cooperation, as both services exist within the scope of business. And in China, the customer’s opinion shows that the voice of God is called, the Western god came to China, the status is not the same!

The arrival of advertising e-commerce, so that more business to become more direct, Chinese-style relationship services Perhaps you do not understand, it does not matter, a lot of e-commerce you only need to know the professional advertising for the customer to do a good job quality Everything will be that simple. Lightboxes, in the era of the Internet, e-commerce under the model, so that services more services, which may be the service of change!

And today the application of ultra-thin light box is the interpretation of the concept of the Internet, from Taobao to search, no one can find ultra-thin light boxes, ultra-thin light box to become the mainstream of outdoor advertising light boxes, and light boxes of e-commerce development is inseparable of. Look at the outdoor display is now full of the same can not be separated from the development of electronic business.

From the traditional business model to today’s great development, e-commerce has gone through any corner of people’s lives. Today’s business model is no network, no push is not wide. And the century electronic war, many enterprises have opened the river network. And as the boss of various industries will open a new model in the e-commerce, the traditional enterprise boss is not necessarily the boss in the electricity business. This is the game of e-commerce.

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