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Light box energy saving changes bright

Guangzhou subway practice environmental protection
Every day walking in the subway station, do you find the subway advertising light box less ribs, and brighten it?

It is reported that this is because the Guangzhou subway operating resources management center is carrying out advertising light box energy-saving projects, the traditional light source system to replace the energy-saving environment-friendly LED light source system.

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Last year in November, advertising light box energy-saving transformation of the first phase of the project started, 1009 light boxes of energy-saving transformation has been basically completed. Detected by a third party testing agencies, light boxes up to 71.2% energy saving rate. In June this year, the second phase of the transformation of 6700 advertising light boxes have also been launched, is expected to be completed this year. It is estimated that the whole project can save about 13.8 million kWh per year.

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