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Light box cloth production process and mosaic way

Light box cloth is used in the production of most of the rolling light box is often used in a surface mosaic products, in general, light box cloth according to the production process is divided into calendering light box cloth and paste the light box cloth.

Light box cloth production process and mosaic way

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Rolling method is PVC powder and liquid plasticizer and other raw materials to fully stir, after the high temperature heat roller pressure, and the base fabric into a whole. Which is characterized by good surface roughness, and even light transmission, including light cloth on the cloth more advantages. But the equipment limit, the width is generally not more than 3 meters.

Paste the light box cloth is the upper and lower layers of PVC film, through the heating, under the pressure of the hot roller and the middle of the light guide fiber mesh together, cooling molding. The biggest feature of this process is to have excellent inkjet ink and strong color expression. So with the rise of large-scale inkjet industry, but also to such a light box cloth brought infinite vitality. At present, such light boxes in China’s market share has more than 50 percent.

Due to different types of machine nozzle principle is different. So the choice of ink is also different, if the ink selection error, nozzle damage will be inevitable, the motherboard is the inkjet machine brain, ink is the inkjet printer, so understand the current inkjet ink, inkjet machine for their own choice of appropriate ink, you can out of the ink Misunderstanding.

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