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LED lighting industry how to fight the three major campaigns

Dealers season marketing must play these three battle: the channel for the king of the war, the promotion of hegemony of the war, the team movement of the war, the only way in the marketing season sales battle to dominate the market.

Channel for the king of the war

Sales mainly through the channel network. The more the season, the more should grasp the number and quality of the channel network, through the number of networks to achieve sales volume growth, through the quality of sales growth to achieve the stability and continuity. Therefore, the enterprise marketing in the season, the channel work to improve and fine, often determines the success of the marketing campaign.

1, channel depth and density issues

Whether there are gaps in the channel channels, blank channel outlets, blank type channels, blank channel network is the most direct and most easy to achieve performance improvement point of entry. For example, some regional markets, tobacco hotels, buy business, but the business has not yet launched a super channel, business super channel is the region of the blank type of channel; some areas control the core smoke hotel, the core hotel and other outlets, but some ordinary outlets Because the dealer capacity is limited in the natural sales state, some outlets in a blank state. Sales season, whether it is market offensive and channel attack or blank network to add, relatively low season, there are more opportunities and higher efficiency.

2, channel coordination issues

Is there a conflict between different channels? Different channels are not isolated from each other, but interdependent. Some markets, often appear in the hotel’s goods rushed to the market up, buy units of the goods rushed to the market up, the brand’s buy department and dealers compete for customers and so on. These are the destruction of brand reputation and sales channel conflict. The root cause of the conflict in the price, the price system set on the one hand to consider the various channels and channel network needs to protect the channel enthusiasm; the other is to consider the coordination between different channels to avoid conflict.

3, the terminal atmosphere

No atmosphere, hard to sell. The more the season, the greater the probability of the product being consumed, the more impulsive the opportunity for consumers to buy. At this time, the terminal image and the atmosphere to create more and more important, for consumers to enter the terminal network as long as consumption, you can be the brand terminal atmosphere to stimulate, temptation, impressed. Although companies can not guarantee that each store has a strong brand atmosphere to create, but at least to ensure that the core network with such a competitive advantage. Tobacco hotel channels, must be done outside the door door shop strokes, corridor pillars, light boxes advertising, lanterns, window advertising, the door has sliding door paste, the store around the wall has a product advertising screen, Drinks area showcase, the head of the show, unified price tag, event posters, bombs, Yi Labao, etc., so that there are free advertising products, there are shelves where there are products on display, from inside and outside the store All-round, multi-angle to create a consumer perspective impact.

4, channel efficiency issues

Whether the single-store sales are low? Although the regional distribution rate is higher, but different single store sales are different, in the business or the size of a single shop, some stores on sales of 10,000 yuan, while some single stores are less than 1,000 yuan. This is also the regional market often encounter problems, why the same conditions, single-store sales difference? The core is different from a single store some of the main push of the brand products, and some single shop does not have the main push of the brand products. If some of the conditions of single-store sales out of mining, regional performance is not it can be improved? Channel efficiency, that is, through the interests of the driver, to enhance the two-pronged way to tap the potential of the dealers, terminal outlets to improve single-store output.

Interest is the foundation. Give full play to the enthusiasm of dealers, terminals, tap their potential, we must let them get more benefits. The main way is to take the form of sparse and pressure, sparse refers to improve the purchase price of a single store, through the market promotion, speed up the terminal’s sales, improve the frequency of return to the single. Pressure is for a certain stage, especially the arrival of holiday holidays, a variety of forms of order, through the order of the meeting site to attract policies, such as the purchase of gifts, accumulated incentives, travel abroad, return to the factory tour, etc., change the way to stimulate the terminal Increase the purchase volume. Through the organic combination of the two, and ultimately achieve the total increase in single-store sales, to achieve the overall market sales enhancements. Passion is the key. Fight resources, fight strength is no end, there is always a greater degree of product will appear, in this case, the company should balance the benefits of a single channel and the benefits of the entire brand of the benefits. In the protection of single-bottle profit has a certain advantage on the basis of the brand company should be through the clerk’s visit and communication “sticky” dealer or terminal, to ensure customer advantage. With the customer advantage, will there be the boss’s support, the boss’s recommendation and the store’s atmosphere advantage. With these, even if the product is mature, can still ensure that consumers can meet, play the role of consumers from the point, so to further enhance the single-store output, improve channel efficiency.

Promotion of war

Season promotion, one is to enhance sales, the second is to block the opponent, the third is to promote their own brand, four, in order to consolidate the customer. Therefore, in the sales season according to different promotional objects to take a different promotional methods, as follows:

1, dealer

The core of the promotion is the interests of the interests of the art and clever, easy to stimulate the dealer purchase and the main push, commonly used methods for marketing, reward, reward points, the amount of gifts or travel. In the season, for the dealer’s promotional incentives, to pay more attention to the dealer’s stocking and distribution, therefore, around this feature, as manufacturers can give dealers to purchase awards and service awards, in order to stimulate the dealer better To prepare for safe stock, to prevent out of stock, out of stock.

2, distributors

Distributors in the middle of the core link, on the manufacturers, under the terminal, in the “throat” site. Therefore, the promotion of distributors for the initiative, but also fully integrated with the distributor’s channel function positioning. Since the distributor is responsible for the role, the main responsibility is the product distribution, terminal development and maintenance, then, it is necessary to give distributors to give promotional support and support staff support, through the unified planning and design of promotional items, equipped with A certain staff to implement the distribution, to help distributors do a good job of product distribution or new network development work.

3, end customers

Terminal is to determine the most direct sales of the product positions, but also the most fundamental and most important positions, of course, excluding buy direct sales. In the peak season on the terminal of the promotion and support work, must do first-class treatment, especially for the strong stores and core customers, to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of its sales. In the peak season, these core customers to take more stage, great policy support, to achieve their effective bundling, to ensure that the season with the brand close cooperation. Such as the core customers set different purchase card level, common sales policies are: package sales support, buy gift support, out of the box support, display policy support, promotional materials support, purchase policy support, cumulative rebate support, banquet policy Support, customer support, travel quota support, store rent subsidies, staff salaries support, sales support support (on the promoters) or other customers can meet the needs of the core support.

4, consumers

For consumers, in the Spring Festival, to combine their consumption and purchase characteristics, design promotional content, such as consumers generally have the following consumer psychology: seeking, seeking new, seeking cheap, seeking convenience, truth-seeking and other psychological, according to these , For different customer groups, to take different forms and content of the promotional activities. Such as, for goods, buy gifts, vouchers, bundled, special, and then a box, redemption, full gift, scraping card, lottery and so on in this one is not enumerated. We must pay attention to the principle of consumer promotion is a principle that: awards to see, small prizes continue to vigorously propaganda! The prize is not only to be open and to be attractive, such as cars, mobile phones, computers, travel, gold bars, million education fund, thousands of cash prizes and other regular detonation; small Award to more and affordable to get, such as cigarettes, cash, and then a bottle. And after winning a lot of publicity and informed, so that more potential consumers among the formation of a good reputation of publicity!

5, competitors

For the product to try every means, integration of resources, to seize the speed, reflect the intensity, targeted to carry out various promotional activities, as the same price plus gifts, homogeneous high discount, sweepstakes, winning, quality VIP services.

6, the media

Media information era, the use of new media, media newspaper wide, network, television, radio, SMS, shop advertising, posters, hanging flag and other carriers, focusing on promotional information promotion.

Only to give different channels to different promotional methods and content, resources, more focus on the end of the channel, especially the terminal and consumer links, promotions can be more targeted to be more targeted in order to receive maximum results.

Team Movement Battle

Season marketing purposes not only for the market, but also for the sales of war. The victory of the battle of sales, not only from the market operation of the return, but also sales commander and sales warrior chapter law together to fight the results. In the peak season for the sales team to carry out sports work, more help to enhance the combat effectiveness, sales growth.

1, sales competition

The competition is an incentive to use reward rewards to motivate people to work and to accomplish their goals. It is also an incentive for enterprises or regional managers to use the sales staff frequently. Sales competition to have a clear, clear goals, fair evaluation criteria and the implementation of the reward. In the design of the reward, it is recommended that the combination of spiritual reward and material reward, that is, the reward is best to issue a certain bonus or prizes at the same time, awarded the honorary certificate.

Sales competition in enhancing sales and morale at the same time, will also bring some adverse consequences. Such as the Banzha competition, often there will be excessive delivery or badminton business, triggering FALSIFYING, etc., so in the course of the competition should pay attention to prevent negative effects.

2, special incentives

Consciously active spontaneous work, is often an ideal state of execution. Clerk execution is often more from your request or you check the examination of things, will not do what you expect, so there are classic quotes “what you want to test what you check what you get.” Sales staff focus on their own interests related to things, in line with their own interests will work hard to do everything, from their own interests will often hang high. Therefore, in the work of the season, the establishment of a special reward and punishment assessment mechanism can effectively urge the clerk to complete the corresponding objectives.

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3, set an example

Set an example is an effective incentive. Although the power of the example of today’s times has weakened, but the role of the incentive role is still. The example is rich in strong appeal, can affect the surrounding groups, people are imitative, most of the behavior of people is to imitate the behavior, and the example is an important reference to imitate the behavior, examples of infection, inspiration, call, Alert and other effects, play an important role in demonstrating incentives. Therefore, in the work to establish business model, can effectively stimulate and influence other sales staff.

At any time are challenges and opportunities with the sales season, although faced with many market opportunities and innovation points, but also because of the interception of competitors leaving the season market competition is more brutal and intense, which also to business and marketing fighters Brought more challenges and pressures. Who can win, it depends on who can be in the channel king, promotion hegemony, team campaign to make high-quality, high level of marketing strategy and implementation.

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