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LED light box how to make, pay attention to what

Led light box, LED electronic light box features non-party obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation, low power consumption. Diameter of 5mm bright tube lamp beads, life is greater than 100000 hours, scientists predict that the next five years there will be infinite life of the diode, the diode will become the mainstream lighting industry source.

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To do 1 meter wide, high 0.5 meters double-sided “supermarket” a total of four words, probably with white hair red tube lamp beads 600, each diode by 0.03W, the entire light box is 18W, 24 hours a day work 0.3 kWh.

A month only 9 degrees of electricity, the same specifications of the neon lights about 120 degrees should be about, the media professional led light box, LED electronic light box manufacturers to explain to you LED light boxes, LED electronic light box production methods. LED electronic light box is a new advertising media, with a simple production, power, safety, long life, good visual effects, excellent market prospects. LED light box, LED electronic light box working principle LED light box, LED electronic light box market price is low and great demand, LED light box, LED electronic light box is the use of ultra-bright LED and controller combination, it can continue to flash, but also Can always light does not flash, improve people’s visual impact, it is 24 hours a day at night to work, at any time will cause the attention of passers-by, effectively play a wide range of role.

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