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LED energy saving and environmental protection light box lit Beijing Metro Line 15

December 28 this year, in Beijing, from Wangjing West Railway Station to the National Exhibition Hall on the 15th line began operations. Wangjing West Railway Station is one of the important traffic interchanges in Beijing subway operation. Rui light lighting system company pioneered the success of advanced LED energy saving and environmental protection light boxes, will officially light Beijing Metro Line 15 Wangjing West Railway Station, opened up the LED lighting technology used in advertising light boxes of new areas. When people in the station looked at the vehicle station, the track area of ​​lifelike characters and color pictures all income eye, pleasant view with the practice of low-carbon life of the crowd heading for a new destination.

Large bright advertising light box how to save energy and reduce emissions? This technical problem, has long been troubled by the light box lighting industry. Modern bustling metropolis, can not be separated from the glittering commercial advertising light boxes, these beautiful and colorful, realistic picture behind the light box, how to use the latest popular LED lighting technology, only the minimum power consumption, that can clearly restore the fashion ads Exquisite color, really energy saving and environmental protection … …

Although, LED lighting technology with its advantages of energy saving and environmental protection has been widely used in the lighting industry. But for the display of high demand for advertising light box application technology has been stagnant, 2009 Rui light lighting systems company began to focus on research and development of LED advertising light box reflective technology, the first set up a research and development team, in the traditional fluorescent light source reflective technology mature use On the basis of the integration of LED optoelectronic technology and Rui light patented reflective technology, strict selection of LED chips and constant current power supply, so that only the use of 46 per square meter (1W each) white LED chip can achieve more than 3500LX light, , Realistic, changed in the past to achieve the requirements of the illumination and extensive use of LED chips, resulting in both the energy and easy to make the chip damage situation.

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LED light source and traditional fluorescent lamp light source compared to the most significant is the real realization of the safety and environmental protection, the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, if broken, mercury vapor will be volatile to the atmosphere. But the LED is not the use of mercury, and LED products are not lead, play a protective role in the environment. LED is recognized as the twenty-first century green lighting, if used properly life can reach 50,000 hours. In order to compare the energy-saving effect, sharp light LED light box energy-saving effect is obvious, the original energy-saving light box per square meter per hour power consumption has been successfully from the past 160 watts down to 69 watts, energy saving rate of 56%, while the use of sharp LED light box lighting technology, power consumption per square meter is only 54 watts, energy saving rate of 66%, higher than the foreign LED backlight light box energy efficiency standards, at the same time, these light box lighting effect no inferior to the traditional backlight light box.

Rui light lighting system was established in 2006, is the first domestic investment in research and development of light boxes energy-saving emission reduction, green lighting technology companies. Over the past few years, Rui light company unswervingly to energy conservation and environmental protection as the mission of technological innovation, and actively respond to the call of the state-building conservation society, to independent innovation of patented technology to help the advertising industry, including airports, subways and other public transport institutions more Good use and protection of the Earth’s valuable energy to promote energy-saving emission reduction industry, has now successfully developed the fourth generation of high-definition energy-saving light boxes, with 33 independent intellectual property rights of national patents, many times won the government energy conservation departments and professional assessment The technical appraisal of the Commission, in 2009 by the Shanghai municipal government assessed as high-tech enterprises, to promote high-quality green light boxes at home and abroad to make a positive contribution to the development of lighting.

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