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LED crystal sensor light box user-friendly design much attention

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology and industry, technological innovation, all walks of life are struggling to rush forward. LED industry is one of the industry.

With the production of a variety of light boxes, and thus to the ad manufacturers to bring more choices, but in modern times to meet the trend but also to achieve economic consumption concept, LED crystal sensor light box much customers Favor, as to why it is much pro-Lai? That would have to start from its own bright spot!

LED crystal sensor light box much attention

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Mirror light box is a dual application of advertising and decoration, the light box also includes infrared sensor switch, it is connected in series on the light source circuit, installed in the lower edge of the box; panel for the semi-lens, it is only used for advertising Light box compared to its use is more use, both when the application of advertising light boxes, but also when the mirror is used, is the use of the mirror and light box advertising the perfect combination. When people come to the front of the light box, the light box into a mirror, when people away, it also appeared in a brilliant advertising screen,

In addition, the magic mirror light box also energy saving, in line with environmental performance, the appearance of its elegant and generous, crystal clear, simple and stylish shape for the advertisers invisible to do an effect publicity, so that customers never forget, In the commercial center, shopping malls, banks, hotels, subways, stations, elevators and other public places, that is beautiful and prominent practical.

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