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Led advertising light box production of a simple way

The image and connotation of outdoor billboards directly affect the production of outdoor advertising effect, and led advertising light box production is an important and important step in advertising production. Its production process is actually very simple, but must follow the rules, that is to follow its own installation order, step by step to install. Only in this way, it will not happen to the circuit and other aspects of the failure.

Led advertising light box production of the simple method is as follows:

making picture frames

First, LED light boxes use acrylic panels, plastic plates, or other insulation materials. If the use of 546 oval lamp, the hole can be controlled between 20-10mm, the closer the effect the better.

Next, the series connection: the LED by + – + – … … + – + – series welding, the occurrence of a positive (for a mark A + and a negative (for a mark K – lamp legs need to use tin Welding, can also be screwed together and then welding. Do remember: must be welded because the LED light box legs are iron silver, with current through the damp once will soon rust will give LED light box caused by hidden dangers, but also to Aftermarket to bring no small trouble.

Third, the string into the resistance: the use of LED light box tester to test the current intensity of each group, according to the value of the knob to join the appropriate number of resistors, resistance without positive and negative points, and can be serial in the string of arbitrary Between the two luminous tubes. String in need of wire connection save time and save the provincial line.

Fourth, the connection controller: Each string of LED positive access to the controller of the positive (red) side, the cathode of each group of light connected to the controller’s negative (green) control.

Fifth, debugging: connection is correct, power will light up

Sixth, maintenance: If not bright, with LED tester, black pen then negative, red pen then positive, if a string of current display is zero, then the string diode short circuit, see the use of LED tester Section.

Seventh, the assembly of LED light boxes: aluminum and corners will be aluminum-plastic plate packaging. And then use rivets to rivure corners.

The above seven steps for the led advertising light box produced a simple way. Although the exhibition is more simple than the production exhibition, but the production of the service industry can not careless, but not imagined, reverse order, must be in order to step by step.

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