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LED advertising car market is a huge business opportunities

Today, those bus stop signs, light boxes, bus body advertising is everywhere, advertising is also rooted in our lives, the way publicity is endless. Today’s society is concerned about innovation, the traditional advertising has been out, has not meet the needs of advertisers. People are constantly in the pursuit of new things, only enough “new” to cause concern, LED advertising car with its enough “new” features, and then lift the advertising boom.

LED advertising vehicles why can lift the boom?

1, LED advertising car low noise, super anti-interference, data stability and strong;

2, free to set the switch screen time interval, scroll play;

supreme court display board

3, can set the timer switch machine, time by their own control;

4, start and stop soft linear acceleration and deceleration, running balance coordination;

5, can be equipped with multiple posters, display content can be customized according to the requirements and so on.

LED advertising vehicles using multi-screen rolling advertising form, the system can accommodate multiple posters screen, the screen is not affected by any power, there will not be the phenomenon of picture pull, each poster display time adjustable, the roller can be manually controlled up and down rotation , Especially with a power-off reset function to ensure that the screen in the blackout when a complete stay in the window, the screen display, smooth and smooth operation, quiet operation, improve the efficiency of the use of advertising, low cost, easy to replace the advertising. LED advertising car, let your ads roll up!

LED advertising car market, the huge business opportunities are gradually emerging, as a revolutionary wave of advertising, its development prospects are very broad.

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