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LED advertising big screen market trends

With the LED advertising big screen to bring a good advertising efficiency, gradually more and more outdoor media, advertisers recognized, triggering no small market demand. LED display market, the huge business opportunities, is attracting capital eyes. LED advertising screen, led screen as a revolutionary wave of advertising, with a strong momentum of rapid development. Led large screen market has formed a new development trend.

1, the overall environment

In 2011, China’s economic performance is good, outdoor advertising market showed steady growth momentum, maintained a steady and rapid growth. In the good climate, the outdoor advertising market also showed a rapid growth. In the first ten months of this year, the total amount of outdoor advertising reached 39.5 billion yuan, more than 13% of last year’s annual turnover, excluding the scope of collection and the price changes, the first 11 months of outdoor advertising has been higher than last year. Is expected this year, outdoor advertising is expected to reach 43 billion yuan, an increase of about 20%.

2, big events in the outdoor advertising

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The splendid Universiade, the passionate World Cup, the inspiring Guangzhou Asian Games, these events make 2011 extraordinary. Every event has become an international and domestic brand competition arena, sponsors and non-sponsors of the game rampant, so that outdoor advertising has become more exciting.

3, the traditional outdoor media companies to speed up the deployment of swap

With the development of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people on the outdoor media requirements are getting higher and higher, the traditional road signs, light boxes, single columns, neon lights and other forms of single outdoor media has been unable to meet the needs of the audience. Outdoor advertising market competition will be the brand value, customer management and professional quality of the contest, so, LED began to surfaced. Full color LED display technology is the perfect combination of technology and the media, the concept can give full play, doing my part to become the future development trend of outdoor media.

4, LED large screen light, thin, energy-saving direction

LED products are known for energy saving. The traditional process of LED advertising large screen are relatively heavy, and auxiliary equipment investment costs are high, there may be inconsistent with the installation of the building capacity and requirements, which led to the LED large screen toward the light and thin aspects of development

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