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Jingzhou taxi in September free installation of GPS at the same time replace the LED dome light box

In September, the city’s taxi will be installed GPS system. At present, the city center is carrying out GPS information management system bidding work.

It is reported that in June City passenger tube in the city randomly selected 10 taxi to do the model car, install GPS positioning system and LED LCD advertising display, car phone, camera and other accessories, to achieve the camera, positioning, alarm, mileage statistics, Advertising, call and other integrated functions.

Jingzhou City, according to the person in charge of passenger management, most of the prefecture-level cities in Hubei Province, GPS system has long been applied to the taxi industry, but the development was not comprehensive. Summed up the experience of the city, Jingzhou taxi GPS installation will continue to develop eight major functions, namely, security alarm and 110 platform information sharing function, vehicle scheduling and locking function, market monitoring dynamic display function, information transmission and distribution functions, operation Line GPS navigation function, practitioners face recognition function, run track query function, service quality evaluation function. This 8 major functions can not only facilitate the management, but also to protect the driver’s personal safety and vehicle safety, conducive to the taxi industry standard management, the future will also expand the taxi call business, real-time monitoring of taxi operating conditions, the vehicle scheduling, The difficult phenomenon.

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Jingzhou City taxi is expected to be in September to install the equipment, the operator will be through the advertising information release, etc. to recover the cost, not to the taxi driver charges. By then, Jingzhou city taxi also unified replacement LED dome light box.

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