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LED display business how to expand the market

In the current fierce competition in the LED display market environment. LED display business development is increasingly difficult, the major LED display companies are looking for breakthroughs in the development of the industry, then how to develop LED display enterprises to expand the market, access to substantial benefits? In fact, you carefully observe the development of the industry, It is not difficult to see that many of the industry’s breakthroughs in the development of products are constantly upgrading, innovation, replacement, in accordance with the law of development, to develop a business development program from the perspective of development is very successful.

LED display development history is what? With the next look: LED display from single to double color to full color, from outdoor to indoor, product replacement industry has always been a main line of development.

We can divide the product into two types:

The first type is the LED display industry’s own product upgrades, such as the industry early full-color LED display for single and double color products, the current high-density products for low-density product replacement;

The second is the LED display for some other industry competing products, such as neon lights, inkjet advertising, advertising light boxes and other outdoor information display media, and LCD LCD screen, DLP rear projection and other indoor display devices. You can see, with the efforts of the whole industry chain, LED display market boundaries continue to be broken, the application of more and more widely, the market space has been greatly improved.

box in the light

2017, developed in China for more than 20 years of LED display industry, is in the most difficult period of time. Leasing market after 2017 price war, the rental business in advance of the overdraft of the 2017 procurement plan, and the government’s paper is a luxury to make the whole market worse; in the outdoor advertising market, first-tier cities, high-quality delivery point increasingly scarce, light pollution And other negative factors caused by large-screen outdoor installation approval difficulties. In such a market environment, the entire industry snapped, LED display business or transition lighting, or to seek mergers and acquisitions to take over, some companies directly out of the market.

LED display business where to go from?

With this kind of doubt, LED small distance display and LED advertising machine appeared.

Compared with the traditional LED display, LED advertising machine screen area is small, low price, the use of a wide range, is conducive to enterprises to increase shipments, digestive excess capacity; and from the customer point of view, LED advertising for advertising operators in small Screen market provides better than LCD LCD display device. LED small distance display competition threshold is high, the profit is also more generous, can effectively improve the profitability of enterprises.

For users, the emergence of LED small-pitch display to break the DLP unified high-end indoor display market situation for traditional meetings, command and control users to provide a new choice. It can be said that these two products to broaden the scope of the use of LED display, industry and other commercial display equipment through cross-border competition into the new blue sea space.

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