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Haili plans to expand the flexible advertising light box cloth project

Haili recently issued a notice that the company board of directors to consider the adoption of “on the expansion of an annual output of 310 million square meters of flexible advertising light box cloth project motion.” The company intends to introduce warp knitting machine, rapier looms and supporting domestic rolling machine, laminating machine, the relocation of the old factory of light box cloth equipment, in Haining City, Zhejiang Jianshan New Light Box advertising production base. Project investment estimate of 561 million yuan, the original value of 130 million yuan to relocate the equipment; after the implementation of the project, can form a new generation of 310 million square meters of flexible advertising light box base fabric production capacity.

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The investment expansion project based on the company’s main business, in line with the company’s long-term development plan. The project construction will help enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products, profitability, and further explore the market, enhance the company’s ability to continue to operate and industry competitiveness in order to achieve the company’s sustainable development.

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