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Fujian Chongwu border police station to build “model light box”

In order to effectively enhance the “model team” cohesion, combat effectiveness, recently, Fujian Public Security Frontier Corps Quanzhou border detachment Chongwu border in a prominent position in the camp set up a “build model team to achieve leapfrog development” as the theme of large light boxes, Less officers and men stop to watch.

custom made picture frames

Since the implementation of the modeling team activities, this innovative form of activities, in-depth excavation of police resources, relying on visits to see school, open the door remonstrance, to create a unique “cultural belt” and other forms of rich, rich activities, Into a strong impetus. To fully demonstrate the achievements of modeling team activities,

Recently, this special designated staff selected picture information, designed to create a “build model team” theme light box, illustrated by the implementation of the strong military goals, deepen the love of the people, to combat crime, to maintain the stability of coastal style Style. The light box bright and generous, intuitive eye-catching, with a strong visual impact, won the officers and men of the same “point praise”, and further strong “a first-class, take the forefront of” the entrepreneurial atmosphere.

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