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From New York to Wuhan, LED screen and light boxes are his family fans package

The original, boast of “the fish pond is your contract” and “pond”, not necessarily the world’s most pride of people – before he may not have encountered opponents.

For example, fans of TFBOYS.

Yesterday, is the popular concert group TFBOYS members Wang Yuan’s 15th birthday, Wang Yuan’s global fans, on this day to give him a super big surprise.

For him, they package “the whole world”

Yesterday afternoon, a long picture brush burst friends circle, this picture called “Wang Yuan 15-year-old birthday should be summed up”, and in this big headline, is Wang Yuan fans to celebrate the birthday of the gift. These gifts include:

Sixteen cities a total of 23 LED large screen, including the New York Times Square, the most central area of ​​the building on the 1st big screen, Shanghai Bund Citigroup LED, Beijing, Hunan Building, LED large screen, and so on, of course, we have a large computer world Screen … … 23 large screen total area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters, on the same day flash Wang source of birthday information (pictured).

In addition to the big screen, there are light boxes and bus lines around, Wang Yuan fans in Chongqing (Wang Yuan home) the main city of 118 bus station light boxes, put a week and a half birthday birthday advertising; in Seoul, Korea, Wang Yuan fans in Seoul Jiangnan District and the new village crowded places, put electronic advertising 50, put time 1 month; in Taiwan, the fans for the 11 bus lines put the body advertising.

The bus was occupied and the airport was not let go. 4 onwards, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport originating a flight flight boarding pass, the back of all become a custom for Wang Yuan pattern; Jiangbei Airport arrived in Hong Kong must be 21 electronic screen, rolling broadcast blessing Wang Yuan information; Beijing Capital Airport T1 terminal an airline first class lounge, also turned into Wang Yuan theme … …

lightbox plugin

Cost? “We did not expect such a good sensation effect.” Last night, from Wang Yuan, a stationmaster station Xiao Zhao to accept Chutian Metropolis Daily interview said that to participate in the birthday should aid ( From the Korean Chrysanthemum culture) about ten should be the station, these things are all separate to do each other, do not know each other, today is to do all the people together to lead to a sensation.

Xiao Zhao introduced, they are responsible for Jiangbei Airport 21 vertical screen LED rental planning, all work done within 1 week, “We are all in order to Wang Yuan ‘s birthday dedication.

Package so many important places of the LED screen, fans spent how much money? Xiao Zhao said that each station is only responsible for their own projects, “I do not know how much money people spend, not the total price.” But she admitted that Jiangbei Airport project spent a few million, the money is everyone Minato , “Does not specify how much must be, anyway, is the mind.” Xiao Zhao how much personal cost? She laughed: “Anyway quite a lot.”

Questioned? We are all capable of it

Fans do all this, Wang Yuan feel how? Chongqing counterparts told the Chutian Metropolis Daily, held yesterday in Chongqing Wang Yuan birthday party, Wang Yuan said, “very moving”, “super happy, very grateful to everyone.”

Idol happy, fans are more happy. But there are many users questioned this behavior “too crazy”, “for an idol birthday, so wasted, their parents know?”

Xiao Zhao told reporters that they gave Wang Yuan birthday money “are all we can.” She also said that fans do this for Wang Yuan, just to “let the world know Wang Yuan”, “he is still very small, just started, the future growth of the space is particularly large, we hope that he did not understand the world before, let the world To understand him. “Xiao Zhao said that they can do very little,” we are everyone is insignificant, his fans group ‘ability’ a lot of everyone to do together to achieve today’s such a sensational effect, “As for the controversy on the Internet, she does not care,” there are a lot of people who are indiscriminately black. We are not going to have any logical criticism. We will not care. “

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