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Dingan 50 light box road signs put into use to facilitate the public travel

“With this light box signs, outsiders in Ding’an County will not get lost, the map on the map will be the location, the county landmarks such as marked clearly, greatly facilitate the public and tourists travel.” Ta Ling New Area A migratory old man pointing to the road signs Xiao Hehe told reporters. The following are the same as the “

City signs, known as the “outsiders’ eyes, the local people’s face”, it represents the image of a city. In order to change the function of single signs, old damaged and so on, the county names are installed in the main street of the county to install a new light box signs, effectively enhance the image of the city. The following are the same as the “

Recently, the reporter saw the Dragon Avenue, enrich the people Avenue, Ring Road and other sections to see, light box signs have been put into use. The light box is made of stainless steel plate and high temperature plastic material, divided into upper and lower parts, the top of the road name, the bottom of the light box map area. Light box signs to play its guiding function at the same time, will also be on the city of security to the landscaping, lighting effect, to better meet the public access to road name information needs.

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According to the relevant person in charge of the county names, the update plan of the light box signs includes the design, specifications, quantity, location and so on according to the relevant provisions of the name management design, the project began to implement this year, has been completed on time and quantity, 42.5 million, the installation of 50 light box signs.

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