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Coast 10 new “light box stop sign”

Following the city’s first solar bus station license for nearly two months after the 11th, the bus group announced that it will add 10 in the coastal line can achieve night lighting solar bus stop to meet the tourist season night passengers to find line information demand.

In order to solve the problem of bad bus stop at night, this year in June, the island’s first solar bus station took the lead in the municipal bus station, the solar station with the top of the solar panels and batteries, can be the day the sun Light generated by the battery savings through the battery, even without the sun, but also can continue to power a week or so. Night, the use of automatic light control mode light box automatically lights up the light box will be saved during the day into the energy of light energy, so that LED lights to solve the passengers can not see the night line signs information problems.

In view of the first solar stop trial effect is good, 11, the bus group after the investigation and investigation, decided in the coastal line lights darker sites such as railway stations, trestles, Lu Xun Park, Zhongshan Park, Wushengguan Road, Two treatment, Xinjiazhuang and other sites, and then continue to put 10 solar stop sign, to meet the public at night travel inquiries line information needs.

animators lightbox

“A week ago the construction staff began to hit the foundation at 10 sites, each foundation is 40 cm deep triangular foundation pit, digging pit with cement pouring, until the foundation pit completely dry, the new solar stop sign can The installation of the use of. “Bus Group Station installation work person in charge said that compared to the first can only accommodate 16 lines of solar information station signs, the new use of 10 stations and then expansion, can accommodate 18 lines of information, Approximately 2.5 meters high stop sign is for people to view.

Change of bus stop sign

From stone to light box

From the previous piece of stone, a tree for the stop sign, to the subsequent pole on the block when the metal block, to the irons stop sign, and then now commonly used stainless steel vertical stop sign, and then to the latest investment in solar stations The renewal of the bus stop reflects the change of the times.

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