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Analysis of how the LED light pole screen occupies a place in the outdoor market

In recent years, with the development of LED display industry, many companies flocked to, followed by the excess LED production, price war, homogenization of the entire industry profits are gradually diluted, LED display industry increasingly fierce competition , In order to seize market share, LED display enterprises in the application of the product to seek a breakthrough, LED light pole screen came into being. So, in the big screen today, LED light pole screen on what can be in the outdoor advertising market occupy a place?

Outdoor LED large screen advertising limited LED light pole screen “small broad”

As the LED large screen in the popularity of outdoor advertising media, high-quality screen body installation location is becoming a scarce outdoor advertising resources. Coupled with the LED screen caused by light pollution and other unfavorable factors on the negative impact of urban management, LED large screen outdoor installation location approval process has become increasingly complex and difficult. In recent years, the negative impact of the global economic malaise, in addition to landmark digital media outside the other digital media impact, in 2017, LED advertising screen advertising generally fell.

In this background factors, driven by the development of outdoor video media constraints gradually highlighted, a small area of ​​LED light pole screen demand is gradually highlighted. LED light pole screen occupies a smaller area, you can make full use of the space, greatly improving the practicality of the LED light pole screen.

As the street light pole screen with synchronous reception, synchronous playback features, the use of the highway, no matter how far the car line, there is always accompanied by high-definition street lighting content. Light pole screen not only in the road guidance, road broadcast, information dissemination, advertising and other aspects of a unique advantage in the highway to ease the driver’s fatigue driving also has a considerable role.

From the effect of advertising point of view, LED light pole screen with its multi-point delivery characteristics, in a certain area to form a scale effect. For example, in a section of all the poles are cast LED lights on the screen, coupled with the network of network technology, dozens of hundreds or even more light pole screen at the same time loop the same advertising, so that consumers or invisible The consumer’s visual impact is very strong, but also to deepen their memory of the ad, so this effect is no less than outdoor advertising big screen.

In addition, the outdoor LED advertising screen not only occupy the space area, and the cost of large. To P16 outdoor full color LED display, for example, assuming that the size of the area of ​​100m2, in accordance with market conditions, the price of 5500 yuan m2 or so, such a piece of 100m2LED screen cost 5500 * 100 = 55 million. And a LED light pole screen in the cost of ten thousand yuan, on the basis of the same price, the user can buy 55 or so LED light pole screen, and the user can choose according to the needs of the purchase section. Therefore, in the same capital investment, LED light pole screen can also compete with outdoor LED big screen for outdoor advertising a place.

LED light pole screen PK traditional light box advertising video playback skills

LED light pole screen is installed on the road poles on the display, suitable for highways, streets on both sides of the road poles installed. LED light pole screen appears, mainly to replace the market light pole light box advertising. And the current market light box advertising, double-sided advertising, can discharge up to two ads, and customer groups to change a few months, the number of ads placed limited, and LED light pole screen can be unlimited advertising emissions, and LED Light pole screen can be placed at the same time dozens of ads, so that the utilization of light pole advertising on the corresponding increase.

On the other hand, in the visual impact on the light box advertising advertising, and LED light pole screen can display dynamic video ads, from the delivery of the form is also more attractive. In contrast, there are stories of dynamic advertising story, no matter whether there is no one to see, as long as the broadcast, there will always be concerned about. And static advertising is a picture, one or two words often can not express the meaning of a good expression, so that the eye can attract less, especially in the hurry of the road, the audience glimpse, may also Did not have time to pay attention to the existence of advertising. Therefore, compared to the advantages of LED light pole screen is obvious.

National road traffic planning LED light pole screen market prospects

advertising board for cars 1080p motherboard light box sign lightbox v2 lightbox gallery display demo v501 acpass wall display 2400*2000cm

With the continuous progress of the national economy, China’s road transport planning in full swing in progress. There are roads where there are lights, there are lights where the LED light pole screen market.

Statistics show that by the end of 2017, the total mileage of the national highway reached 446.39 million km, of which 11.19 million km highway, mileage ranks first in the world. To the “second five” at the end of China’s rural road planning objectives and tasks will be completed, is expected to rebuild the country’s new rural roads more than 1 million kilometers, the total mileage reached 395 million km. It is expected that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, 5,000 new village roads will be added to the whole country, nearly 900 villages and towns and 80,000 villages will be hardened to realize all the villages and towns in the eastern and central regions. The proportion of hardened road is about 80%. The national township, the village government passenger bus rate will be more than 99% and 93.2%.

The country a new round of road traffic planning introduced means that street light advertising has a new form of delivery. In accordance with the traffic trunk line every 50 meters there is a light pole to count, nearly 5 million km of roads in China there are 100 million poles. And the current application of LED light pole screen is still less than 10% of all street lamps, if all the previous light box print ads replaced with LED light pole screen, coupled with the new highway street lamp position, then the LED light pole screen market prospects Is considerable.

With the accelerated pace of urbanization development, can be expected in the next few years to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas to promote rural development in rural areas, China’s road traffic planning investment is bound to be greater. 2017 is coming, means that China’s “thirteen five” plan into a new period of practice. According to reports, manufacturing upgrades, information economy, modern service industry is expected to become the “three five” planning industry dimension of the three main lines. The state’s emphasis on manufacturing shows that the new product LED light pole screen is endless.

Of course, the current LED light pole screen still have some technical needs to improve. Because a long time exposure, to solve the problem of light pole screen cooling, and LED light pole screen is basically installed in people’s “under the eyes”, not only the screen requirements of light, the appearance also need to beautify, these are companies need to continue To optimize.

LED light pole screen as a new thing, the pace of the need to step by step to explore and explore the search for a broader opportunity for development. Whether it is their own advantages or national road transport planning to provide unlimited market space, I believe the LED light pole screen can get more advertisers of all ages!

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