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Advertising will be closely linked with the Internet of Things

Outdoor LED large screen unlimited potential

LED display since there has been to energy conservation, environmental protection and attention, LED this is synonymous with energy. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantage is quite obvious and prominent, in the great full of traditional lighting to replace the trend. Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the 21st century the development trend of the advertising industry, is a video and video functions of indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment, is a leading international high-tech products. The appearance of such equipment is unique and unique, its area can be adjusted, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, but also can be installed on both sides of the fixed light box advertising, the local governments are encouraged to implement the use of outdoor LED screen, one after another to cancel the canvas advertising, The

Advertising and Internet of things will be closely linked to outdoor LED large screen unlimited potential

Indeed, the outdoor LED large screen is no longer a simple outdoor advertising broadcast media display platform, it can also play news, information and other video content, forming a new public service + news + information + advertising outdoor media, The audience has a higher value of access to information. And these are the traditional outdoor media can not match.

With the development of urbanization and the application of new LED technology, the future outdoor LED large screen will “connect” the Internet of things, the use of communication sensing technology to achieve the advertising audience and LED large screen broadcast advertising product interaction, and instantly mobile phone customers End to help the audience to complete the information from the desired brand advertising products intelligent identification, positioning, search to purchase the Internet of things shopping.

The rise of the times

Reform and opening up more than 30 years, from the 1979 advertising industry to 1987, “Advertising Administration Ordinance,” the promulgation of the Chinese advertising after a recovery, debate, explore the growth stage. In this context, outdoor advertising has gradually cut a striking figure in the advertising market. The spring of 1979, Beijing Xidan appeared advertising wall, marking the birth of outdoor advertising. Since then, outdoor advertising as the newspaper advertising and keep pace with the two carriages gallop advertising market, as advertisers choose to put out two important forms of outdoor advertising.

With the rise of urbanization, outdoor advertising has become the city’s access to commodity information sources of the main channels and carriers, walking in the bustling city streets everywhere can be published brand information product plane, three sides and single column. According to the CTR “China advertisers advertising marketing report” on the relevant advertisers survey, in the advertising industry as a whole to the good trend, as outdoor advertising segmentation, LED advertising has grown into a field of outdoor advertising Support the army, and in the overall market advertising steadily, firmly occupy the third place in the outdoor advertising market share.

And outdoor LED large screen advertising is a number of large brand manufacturers, its modern, dazzling, high-end atmosphere of the media characteristics also determines the outdoor LED media’s own attraction and influence. In recent years, the major brand manufacturers due to the outdoor LED large screen continued to run, effectively led the rapid growth of the advertising market.

Idle rate up to 80%

However, the LED large screen is mainly built in the major cities of the traffic arteries and the core business district, and each of the cost of a screen, a cost of LED display costs up to tens of millions to tens of millions, plus municipal, Leasing, approval, every link needs to spend money, resulting in some outdoor advertising companies can not easily get involved in LED.

Not only that, outdoor LED large screen advertising rental price is also very expensive. Shenzhen Shennan Road, an office building, an area of ​​less than 300 square meters of LED advertising bit to shoot a 6-year high of 30 million yuan in rent; Guangzhou, a media company to more than 10 million yuan in the acquisition of a high price LED; Shanghai, a core location of the transformation of LED screen, land acquisition costs have been carried to 15 million yuan. Such examples are numerous.

Outdoor LED large screen high cost of the price, so that its advertising positioning naturally higher, this ad set the high threshold, making some of the outdoor advertising business advertising agencies and advertisers discouraged. A real estate company’s Shanghai company marketing director said that at present they have not tried outdoor LED, one is that the price is relatively high, and because the LED large screen advertising advertising fast features so that people have to worry about: “so many advertising loop When our ads are broadcast, our target customers may have left. “

There are small and medium business owners believe that the outdoor LED large screen for small and medium enterprises and not well-known brands have some limitations, put out outdoor LED large screen advertising is not expensive, mainly LED advertising on the brand image requirements High, for the general small business is not suitable for.

In addition, the sound is also restricting the outdoor LED large screen advertising effect of a major bottleneck. Due to the special geographical location of the city’s core business district, the city does not allow the LED to play a lot of sound when playing an ad, or even limit its volume, which causes the LED large screen to play the ad because of the sound restrictions Affect the effect of advertising.

The reason for this makes a lot of large screen holders of LED screen owners are at a loss, many LED large screen operators said, operating outdoor LED large screen and put LED advertising the high threshold of funds, not anyone can afford of. According to the eagle head outdoor advertising network research data show that the current outdoor LED large screen media operators in 75% of the loss state, 15% break even, only 10% of the operating profit, of which more than Qi Cheng outdoor LED Large screen vacancy rate of up to 80%.

Integration of resources, accurate delivery

In addition to the large screen vacancy rate of high reasons, the advertising mode of operation unreasonable, more dispersed media resources and other reasons is also caused by LED large screen operating difficulties of the main factors. The pace of urbanization is accelerating. In recent years, the division of the major cities in China is more clear and clear. The more detailed the distinction between urban functions, the choice of media location for LED large screen advertising should be more accurate.

In order to achieve the LED advertising on the big screen ads get more valuable communication effect, LED large screen operators will be based on the different attributes of advertising goods and the specific audience for whom the precise choice for the location, and the use of market research data for advertising The main provider of tailor-made delivery program, continue to be satisfied with the dissemination of advertisers to provide support and help. Second, the industry that can also broaden the LED large-screen construction channels, Beijing Qingmei Road and landscape design agency co-founder Wang Tian suggested that LED large-screen operators in the construction, location LED, the thinking should be liberalized, Whether combined with other areas to highlight the biggest advantage of LED large screen.

“For example, we can LED large screen built on the landmark building, landmark building media not only as the best quality outdoor resources to attract many advertisers, but also can become the city, regional and national image publicity and information dissemination of the important window. Days to say, “the Beijing World Trade Day horizon LED display, for example, in this display is not built before the World Trade Day order is not famous, but rather because the unique design of the curtain led the World Trade Day order popularity, making World Trade Day Step visibility is rapidly improving.It can be seen that LED large screen combined with the construction of other areas of importance.

Out of the LED big screen advertising business difficulties, integration of resources is also essential. Some well-known media organizations are trying to integrate large-screen LED media resources to the Southern Daily News LED network, for example, its full use of Internet technology independently developed a powerful background broadcast control software, to achieve the distribution in various cities in Guangdong Province LED large-screen real-time synchronization playback, and these outdoor LED large screen can not only as an advertising carrier, you can also play news, information and other video content, making it a comprehensive media to carry comprehensive information dissemination. LED network broadcast, so that LED large screen advertising operators to take full advantage of LED media resources, and effectively reduce the LED media vacancy rate, to a large extent to enhance the LED operators operating income.

Create the Internet of Things era

Nowadays, outdoor advertising is through a mobile communication technology triggered by the rapid transformation of the transmission path of the times, who can use mobile new technology to bring human convenience, who occupied the commanding power of the commanding power of the audience. In the future, advertising will be closely linked with the Internet of Things.

LED large screen itself is the product of the development of electronic information technology, which is undoubtedly through the communication sensor technology to achieve the audience and brand advertising instantly interactive advertising vector, is to create advertising the Internet era of the latest electronic technology products. In particular, the new communication technology in the LED large screen application, can make the audience through the mobile terminal to achieve from anywhere to understand the brand of product information to the purchase of the whole process.

The new communication sensor technology can be on the big screen LED brand information on the two-dimensional code to upgrade to “two-way two-dimensional code”, through the LED large-screen platform directly to the audience mobile phone code, so that the audience through the phone Understand the LED on the big screen to make it interested in the brand information related content, and can directly switch to Taobao, Ctrip, the United States and other mobile phone software business, anytime, anywhere to buy, collection or forwarding. While the audience “who has been contacted, who has seen, who has forwarded, who has purchased” the click information is also accurately recorded, as a two-dimensional code to follow up and sell.

led programmable sign

At present, this communication sensing technology is being used by more and more advertising operators. At the World Mobile Conference 2015, Diageo, the world’s leading beverage brand, launched a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Wisdom Bottle that allows wine traders to track their trajectories, from the upper reaches of the supply chain to the store, Even to achieve the ultimate consumption, the bottle of all the actions in control. Each bottle is equipped with an OpenSense label (unlike the ordinary two-dimensional code), which supports the integration of sensor functions and is almost impossible to replicate. Consumers to verify their own drinks are authentic, just use NFC-enabled mobile phone gently touch the bottle to know.

The future, communication sensor technology “connection” LED large screen not only gives the new definition of advertising to play, but also to the audience and its attention to the brand between the goods have more seamless docking, virtually between the consumer and the sale of goods between the set up A stealth of the bridge, for the consumer’s life to bring infinite convenience.

No more than 4 years, the world will have 50 billion Internet of things equipment, such as smart phones, wearable equipment, all around us will be able to network. By then, the outdoor LED large screen is no longer a single carrier of commercial advertising information carrier, but to help consumers achieve the life of the Internet shopping is a good helper. It will be the future of human survival of the daily consumption of media, and its irreplaceable high-tech technology, open up the Internet of Things era of the new blue ocean market.

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