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24 hours pharmacy light box can also light how long

Midnight trouble headache, no medicine at home, want to find pharmacies, to know more difficult.

Recently, who lives in Hangzhou Wang aunt to really feel this point.

“I remember the cell door of the pharmacy light box written on the 24-hour words, the results that day went to find that did not open the door.” Although, Wang aunt still went to the hospital hung up the day, with the medicine. But for this matter, she has not put down: “Since it is not 24 hours of business, how can you hang the light box? In case of emergency call should not be called, how can I do?

Hangzhou Avenue alley pharmacy numerous, almost a section of the road will be able to see one, many of them hanging “24-hour service” light box pharmacies. Do these stores really do the “24-hour service” commitment? Our reporter in Hangzhou, the main urban population density of several large areas of the field visit.

Adhere to the service around the clock very few

8 pm, the reporter went to the city under the Zhongshan North Road, a Jiuzhou large pharmacy, the door can clearly see the “24-hour service” light boxes and bells.

Into the shop door, the staff warmly welcome to ask the disease, and recommend drugs.

However, when asked whether the store will operate overnight, the clerk replied: “We closed at 9 o’clock, and now who will open to that time ah?

So, the door of the 24-hour bell does not become a display it?

In this regard, the clerk seemed a little helpless: “That the bell has long been no, the middle of the night and no more people to buy medicine.”

Reporters visited a number of pharmacies, found that adhere to the 24-hour service is very few

In more than 20 pharmacies searched by journalists, most pharmacies have removed the light box with the “24-hour service” logo and changed the business hours of the store to 9 pm or 10 pm while keeping the light box marked or calling the bell Of the pharmacy, most also failed to fulfill the “24-hour service” commitment to early shut the door.

Near the evening 12:00, the reporter went to the stadium road Zhejiang Electric Power Bookstore near the Neptune, this store is the Neptune chain pharmacy store in the 24-hour service store. When the reporter arrived at the time, found the pharmacy door closed, dark inside the house, whether it is a bell or knock on the door, no one answered.

Midnight pharmacy for safety lock wire door

Do you insist on the 24-hour operation of the pharmacy really disappeared in Hangzhou it?

12 o’clock, the road silhouette sparse, on the city Jiefang Road Jiuzhou large pharmacy Taihe shop is still a trace of light.

Shop in front of the anti-theft wire door pulled to the end, inside the glass door is open, watch the clock master quietly sitting.

Happened to have customers come home, the clock master down the hands of the book came over, the two men across the wire door exchange. After listening to the man ‘s narrative, he quickly returned to the store to find out the medicine, from the barbed wire in the delivery of the interval: “Before eating to see how to take the method, if there is allergic reaction will be disabled.

Although it is already midnight, but the pharmacy business seems to be good, about every 5 minutes there is a customer to buy medicine, bell master is busy outside did not stop, the reporter can only talk and chat with him.

Master Chung said he had been in Jiuzhou large pharmacy for nearly 10 years. “The earliest time without the wire door, we are still two people on duty, but so insecure, you bring people to the store inside the drug, the cashier side of the store on the other side no one read.” Master said the pharmacy Was a few times the theft, a lot of loss, and later only at night business hours pulled up anti-theft wire door, so that customers across the door to buy medicine.

“In fact, the market can not sell a lot, and can not brush health insurance, we have to buy medicine at their own expense.” Zhong master admitted that the situation was just as rare, duty officers often keep a night, but also sell a box of medicine. But “24-hour service” is the store opened when the rules set on, still continued.

Reporters found that the store did not set the bed, the clerk if you want to rest how to do? The master of the clock pointed to the side of the table: “We are the shift system, the day off a day, do not sleep at night you want to be too tired, you can lie on the table squint for a while.

Overnight pharmacy taxi drivers most know

Also provide 24-hour business services in Hangzhou East China Wulin large pharmacy Wulin Road shop, is a similar situation.

At 1:00 am, many people have gone to sleep. Reporters went to the pharmacy in front of the door and found a weak light. Through the shelves of medicine, you can see the simple staff on duty shop.

Reporters press the door of the call bell, and soon there is a white ladies wearing a white jacket came out.

“Now we have no sleep, if it is after 2 o’clock may need to wait for a while.” Clerk told reporters that the staff are usually on the morning after 2:00 to sleep, because the distance from the bell close to the bed, as long as someone bell Or knock the wire door, she can hear. There will be two people on duty, one is responsible for the sales staff, one is accompanied by overnight staff.

It is said that a taxi parked in the pharmacy door, young man eager to buy from the pharmacy two boxes of anti-allergy will rush to leave. In this regard, the clerk was accustomed to: “often have a taxi to buy medicine, Hangzhou taxi drivers know that this is 24 hours of business, if guests have to find pharmacies, will bring over.”

led display circuit

And the Jiefang Road, Jiuzhou that the same large pharmacy, the East China martial arts large pharmacy night sale of drugs can only buy at their own expense. It is understood that the highest number of drugs sold at night for the cold medicine, painkillers, antidiarrheal drugs, prescription drugs are generally not sold at night, Kang Teke and other drugs with ephedrine can not be purchased at night. “If you are not sure if this medicine can buy, you can first call our light box on the phone consultation, so that white run a trip.”

Ask the pharmacy will adhere to the 24 – hour service, the clerk is very confident: “We will stick to the. We are 24 hours old brand, and can not let everyone buy medicine.

24-hour hard rule was removed last year

Why is it so hard to shop at night? A person who used to be a large chain of pharmacies said that night service needs to spend a lot of cost, but the customer demand is not large, revenue and expenditure has been unable to balance. And night shop, there are many security risks, the staff on duty is also high quality requirements, it is difficult to implement.

August 11, 2003, Hangzhou Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou Municipal Drug Administration and the Hangzhou Municipal Price Bureau will jointly issued the “Hangzhou City, the basic medical insurance designated retail pharmacies management approach”, which Article 5, paragraph 5 Clearly stipulates that the application of fixed-point retail pharmacies should be “for the insured staff to provide 24-hour purchase service, and has a clear night selling signs and sales window.”

However, this provision in the October 8, 2017 by the Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau and the Hangzhou Municipal Price Bureau jointly issued the “Hangzhou basic medical insurance designated retail pharmacies management approach” in the Did not reflect. Comparison of two “approach”, the biggest difference is that the latter removed the “24-hour purchase service” requirement.

Does this mean that the pharmacy has no need to adhere to the 24-hour service? In this regard, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision staff to give a reply: “” approach “based on a comprehensive consideration, we advocate pharmacies pay attention to services, but there is no mandatory provisions for 24-hour service now adhere to the 24-hour pharmacy, Business autonomy.

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