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2016 LED lighting sales of up to 54 billion US dollars in advertising areas accounted for how much

At the beginning of the year, the fluorescent light is presented to customers with a 360 ° rotating white tube, and the energy efficiency is high and the price is low. In the 1980s, it has been widely used in commercial applications, affecting the development of the logo industry, especially for large advertising light boxes, ultra-thin posters, publicity boards, canopy lighting and the use of the latest economic solutions for lighting products Selection. With the development of LED, customers more and more applications, LED lighting products on the market popular.

“The advantages of LED lighting solutions are even more pronounced than traditional fluorescent lighting systems,” said Robert Mangger, owner of the fashion logo design company in Ventura, Calif.

Today, the LED solution is not a new product in the field of identification, it has matured and is widely used in the industry. After ten years of development, LED lighting products have gradually penetrated into the industry, and has been unanimously approved by customers, and then instead of a variety of lighting sources. The latest research and development of LED lighting products, its own performance has been improved, effective replacement of fluorescent lighting applications.

Global management consulting McKinsey & Company released a survey report, it is expected that by 2017, LED lighting products sales from 10 billion US dollars in 2010 to 54 billion US dollars. Of course, the report is only based on the relevant data speculation, but a development trend, but its development will also be a huge leap, and the market expansion rate amazing! In addition, it also shows changes in the field of advertising lighting, customer adjustments made, and consequently the requirements of product performance. At the same time, this change will lead directly to the industry’s rapid progress, and to promote the development of the industry inside and outside.

From LED lighting to fluorescent lighting, this change and neon lighting compared to the speed may be faster. It is also a new product because the labeler converts neon lighting to LED lighting, and now, the logo maker is already very familiar with LED technology and has a clear understanding of its application, Smooth. In addition, the logo manufacturers and even identify the pros and cons of LED lighting experts. Now, they are very aware of the performance of monochrome LEDs, the effects of light-emitting angles, and how to choose the best color temperature products.

During the Great Depression in the United States, many sign makers learned from them and, for a long time, sought to cut costs and become a more competitive company. Some manufacturers are committed to looking for cheap LED lighting products, but soon found that all the production of LED systems are different, which led to the price difference above. Some well-known labels still maintain the quality of the product or more excellence, providing quality assurance of the LED system, especially when the business from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, to maintain the level of quality is very important.

save costs

When comparing the cost of the LED system and the fluorescence system, the impact is predictable, and the production of the logo as a whole, the cost difference is not so obvious. With the improvement of LED technology, making it more and more mainstream products in the field of lighting, at the same time, the cost is also constantly reduced. If the comparison of energy costs, after-sales service, then (LED lighting products have a five-year warranty period and the fluorescent lamp only 90 days warranty), its advantage is self-evident. In addition, installing the product in the advertising light box can be quicker and more convenient, and you can see the expected return on investment earlier.

Easy installation

At first, the idea of ​​replacing the fluorescent lamp was not difficult because the use of the product in the lampholder or arcuate would cause problems, and there was a limit to the production of the signboard, and if you wanted to have a new advertising light box business Of the words, from the overall grasp. In addition, the use of fluorescent lamps, wiring complexity makes the ballast and transformer need to spend more time. For LED lighting products used in luminous characters, experienced signers can quickly find the connection system. At present, some lighting manufacturers on the market have developed a fluorescent lighting alternatives, both in appearance and feel, are like fluorescent lamps, and can be applied to the existing socket, for fluorescent lighting products is a supplement The

Because compared with fluorescent lighting, LED lighting products installed more easily, therefore, for the new R & D production of LED lighting products, the return on investment easier to see. Some manufacturers have produced replacement products for fluorescent systems and applied them to a variety of labeling applications. In large-scale advertising light box applications, compared with fluorescent lamps, install SloanLED products more convenient and save time, and can be seen on YouTube, the corresponding installation tutorial video. The content of the video is that the United States California Ventura fashion logo design company Robert Mangeluo do the installation of LED systems and fluorescent systems contrast. The video shows the content, in addition to fast turn the body, but also in reducing labor costs under the premise of marking the manufacturer how to quickly install lighting products.

When viewing the video, you will see that although Robert has been dealing with fluorescent lighting for years, but in the next period of time, or will see the product. Due to the high voltage of the product, it needs to be installed in the cable duct, and the wiring complexity and the transformer just to meet this demand.

“When you renovated the O’Hara’s hotel logo, you came up with a solution based on your customers’ requirements,” said Andy Sean, of the Sean logo design company in Worcester, Massachusetts. The color of the same time also played the role of lighting.I have used SloanLEDHighLINER lighting products, easy to use, and can achieve this effect.

The LED solutions used in many advertising cases are specifically designed for logo retrofitting and the creation of new signposts. The durability of these fluorescent lighting alternatives, compared with the lamps, is easier to transport and not easily broken. The vast majority of the system used by the more common tools, the transformation is also simple, so that the old logo in the appearance of a new look. In addition, because the LED solution uses a low voltage, so the installation process is also more secure.

The vast majority of LED solutions are customizable and are ideal for use in cloud-shaped signposts and works with unique shapes, and custom fluorescent lamps make it easier to use the product. For narrow identification applications, the side-mounted LED system is more convenient in the cleaning process.

Performance and appearance

One of the benefits of fluorescent lamps is that they can rotate 360 ​​° without dead ends, and LED lighting products have a luminous angle restrictions. LED lighting this feature makes it more suitable for single-sided lighting advertising applications, such as posters light boxes, publicity boards, awning lighting and so on. As the installation of LED lighting products focus on the place where the lighting required, therefore, compared with fluorescent lighting, it is easier to save energy.

Even in the sun, the fluorescent lamp is still available, while adding a cool white choice. Because the fluorescent lights need to be replaced frequently, there may be cases where the installer is selected to the wrong color. Therefore, the color confusion occurs in the advertising light box, resulting in discoloration. In addition, the fluorescent lamp after a long period of use will appear in the situation. The spectrum of the fluorescent lamp is relatively scattered, and as the use of time, light fragments will become more prominent, resulting in red or green and other colored appearance. In addition, LED lighting products have a complete and mixed color spectrum, so that the logo can choose a more image, vivid color solution, but also easier to meet the PMS specification.

When it comes to the service life of fluorescent lamps, it has a lot to do with the length of use and the coldness of the external environment. Its aging performance is the phenomenon of flashing and light darkening, and ultimately lead to no warning in the case of failure or direct work, in addition, the cold weather will exacerbate the aging of the product. On the other hand, because the LED solution will slowly turn dark when its service life will end, it will provide ample time for the signboard owner to perform the lighting product update without affecting the operation of the business.

17x22 poster frame

Environmental protection

Compared with incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting is more energy efficient, however, if compared with the LED solution, there is a certain gap between the fluorescent lighting. The LED solution and fluorescent lighting, compared to the two products, the former is obviously longer, and its internal will not produce similar to mercury such hazardous waste, easier recycling. In addition, LED solutions are low-voltage equipment, the less energy required, in short, it is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also the solar panels as a power reserve.

SEPCO domestic sales manager Stephanie Heluo Lan said: “not like fluorescent signs, LED billboards can be solar energy as a power supply, this will be more cost-effective. Using solar energy produced by the logo licensing lighting system has been applied to more Type and size of the lighting label.SEPCO offers a variety of solar labeling solutions for custom production to meet the needs of applications and customers.In addition, solar energy is still an environmentally friendly choice, do not worry about running the standard grid case , Providing additional flexibility for the location of the logo. The advantages of LED lighting include the need to reduce the distress caused by bending and do not produce hazardous waste. In addition, the compatibility of solar energy makes the users of fluorescent lighting very envious.


The long life of the LED does not only mean that the technology is an environmentally friendly solution, and more importantly, it reduces the need for replacement of conventional lights, while leading to a significant reduction in the cost of maintenance.

Due to the long life of the lighting product, it is not necessary to check frequently the use of the situation, and for road signs and building signs, the product is very applicable. In the installation, the need to block the road, and to rely on lifting equipment, as well as the establishment of scaffolding and other related tools to facilitate the identification of the installation. The frequent maintenance and repair of the tag can also cause damage to the parts or the need for replacement, thus increasing the cost.

Logo industry as a creative industry has a long history of development, at present, with the LED technology, acrylic, digital media, ethylene and other materials more widely used areas. And increase the use of LED light source products, but creatively expand the business, the most important thing is to produce a unique and memorable sign.

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