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Lightboxes of Led or fluorescent, thin or ultra thin, board or display, sign or sinage, panel or box lamps, they are all light boxes actually. Being a professional manufacturer and researcher in Light boxes, Longseeso Group Co.,Ltd is very experienced now in led lighting business after being the biggest shareholder of the innovative and creative led light supplier Fujian Wanban Technology Co.,ltd.

We can bring a series of featured products into your market demand, and push forward your marketing opportunities and changes. We mainly manufacture light box, led light box, acrylic light box, fabric light box, crystal light box, glass light box, these products are widely applicated in houses, offices, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stores, retailing malls, exhibition, tradeshow fairs, conferences, museums for art gallary display show, business replacements and signs panels etc., usually can be for marketing, business, commercial, lighting.

led panel
digital signage
display board
poster display
picture frames

Visual Solution, Presentation Display, and Perfect Animation by led light boxes can bring people great sense of excitement and imaginations, catches more marketing chances for the company and your businesses as well. The super top best and most energy saving lightbox is the development trend of the current advertising light box. In order to keep ahead front of the lighting business for you, we offer the latest light boxes for your marketing warriors:

A. Being popular: Standards Size led board displays: 18″ x 24″; 22″ x 28″; 22″ x 56″; 27″ x 41″; 36″ x 48″; 36″ x 72″; 47″ x 94″.
B. Being flexible: Non-standard Size led board displays, you are always have the chance to custom by size.
C. Being technology: Printing on the led display board panels by overseas-imported high quality UV printer.
D. Being top: Super high flux LED technology for extra-strength luminance, approx 70% above Economy models.
E. Being Super thin: super convenient, masterpiece design 2mm – 2.5mm thick acrylic light guided panel diffuses light more powerfully.
F. Being low power: 8W – 60W; Voltage: 110V – 220V AC Power Adapter; Warranty: 3-Year; Lifetime: > 50,000 Hours.
G. Being selectiv: We also can offer dimmable led light board displays and color change ( 2700K – 6500K ).
H. Being wide usages: home, hotel, office, meeting room, show room, shop, hospital etc.
I. Being the best: High print quality with photo 720 – 1440 DPI.
J. Being competitve: For a manufacturer, the last feature we can offer to customers are superior quality and the best ever price by wholesale, retail, distribute, factory prices, just as you need!

Why our led light box display board panels:

1. being thinner, only 2.0mm – 2.5mm led light board.
2. being brighter, more than 120lm/w flux led light board displays.
3. being higher, 2mm thick led board panel offers your design with best visual showing to all.
4. being easier, just printing as your design drawing ,then comes to the photo and ads on led light board.
5. being cheaper, we will give you best surpised price with our led board displays.
6. being offine & online service, based on our company management system, we will help you make creative ads design, edit pictures and printing photo then make led light board in first time.

Our service include:

1. Our designer will make advertising photo according customer require online free.
2. Our editor will design pictures according customer require online free.
3. Our printers will print the customer advertising photo on led light board machine with high quality.
4. Our production will use the high efficiency led chips to ensure the led light board panels to the brtigthest showing.

Why LED light box is “green” light box

Some experts have predicted that LED light boxes of light-emitting diodes in 10 to 20 years will replace energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps and other lighting, and even dominate the entire lighting industry. LED light box is the use of light-emitting diode for the light source, is a kind of energy can be converted into visible light semiconductor. Light-emitting diodes have long life, good light efficiency, no radiation and low cost consumption features, led light box light source luminous rate can be as high as 80 percent to 90 percent, and other ordinary energy-saving lamps, the results show, Ordinary incandescent and energy-saving life are less than two thousand hours, while the LED life is greater than one hundred thousand hours, the future life of the light-emitting diodes will be infinite. Before we have thought that energy-saving lamps can save four-fifths of the energy is already a great initiative, but led light box light-emitting diodes than energy-saving lamps but also a quarter of energy savings, which is a major reform of solid light source. I believe that in ten years, LED lighting industry will dominate the light source.

Analysis of LED side light source technology of light box

With the national energy-saving emission reduction policy in depth, light box LED light source with its highly efficient energy-saving, convenient installation, maintenance-free unique advantages, gradually replaced the T5 and T8 lamp, light box lighting industry in the new darling.

Light box LED light source can be roughly classified as LED side light source and LED backlight

LED side light source is mainly used in outdoor large light boxes, advertising light boxes, bus shelters light boxes, single-sided light boxes, subway high-speed rail light boxes, rolling light boxes, solar light boxes and lighting. So what is the LED side light source? Simple and straightforward point of view, that is, the light is on the light. When the cloth light up and down the layout, light up and down the light, or left and right layout, the formation of about the light. Customers can choose according to the size of the light box to what type of model side of the light source, which can effectively control costs. Some people may be puzzled, side light on the light of the light effect of uniform?

After we study the test, within 3 meters on the light did not appear where the shadow, the light is very uniform. Experiments show that the light box LED side light source is the best lighting effect is a square layout of a light source. We Huai’an Heng Cai Optoelectronics is a light box LED side light source professional manufacturers, we have many years of practical experience for our customers to develop the most appropriate light box lighting program.

For LED products, one of the important indicators to measure its quality is light failure. Data show that our light box LED side light source in the normal light box operating environment, according to 12 hours a day using time, 3 years of light failure will not exceed 3%. Our products have to undergo a rigorous high temperature aging test, the inspection can only be a library.

Huai’an Hengcai Photoelectric Co., Ltd. To meet the various models of light boxes, special 16W light box led light bar, 18W, 20W different specifications of products to choose from.

1, light box led light bar is characterized by more bright and more light. Up to 110lm per w of light efficiency, allowing you to enjoy an unprecedented high lumen, high light efficiency, high display.

Light box led light bar chip parameters:

Small size: 2.8mm * 3.5mm * 0.8mm

Light angle: 120 ° color temperature 8000-9000k

Voltage 3.2-3.4V color area U2

Current: 150mA Operating temperature: – 30 ° C ~ + 80 ° C

Forward voltage: 2.8-3.8

2, light box led light bar 360 ° full light, bring you colorful visual feast, more bright, more uniform light, transparent flawless, to the ribs shadow pattern said: NO! Uniform light more energy efficient

3, light box led light bar drive power 148V ~ 242V wide operating voltage, constant current drive design, all isolated security. Using the top constant current driver chip, constant current accuracy of up to 99%, enough to be strong enough!

4, light box led at both ends of the light bar are used 8-type socket plugs to achieve rapid connection, effective cascade up to 20. Allowing you to install faster, more efficient, more energy efficient. Saving more environmentally friendly

5, product tips: After research and testing, light box ambient temperature at 35 ℃ or so, due to direct sunlight in summer, light box internal temperature up to 70 ℃ or more. LED light source in such an extremely harsh environment to work, ordinary light source light failure, dead light phenomenon occurs frequently or power can not start. Hengcai grand launch of the new light source can fully adapt to high humidity, high temperature working environment, greatly extending the life of the light source, LED light box is the first choice for light.

LED light box display which factors are what

At present, China’s LED light box display technology is still relatively advanced, with the LED light box display application continues to grow, people for the LED light box display also has a better understanding. As the LED light box display is the need to customize, so in the choice for their own products, consumers often have to communicate with the designer, it may be designed to meet customer requirements LED light box display.

As the LED light box display is a more professional products, consumers and designers in the communication when there is no good standard of evaluation, so the relevant standards of publicity and promotion, will promote the standardization of LED display products development. LED light box display is a large information display terminal, its basic function is to information source information, comprehensive and faithfully displayed to the target audience, which includes static images, text, dynamic video and even audio. So we judge it is good or bad standard is generally look good, this looks good omitted a lot of professional knowledge, but also better to narrow the distance between customers and customers can form a consistent.

LED light box display looks good influencing factors are the following:

1, LED light box display brightness: in order to better display in an environment to give people information, it must have enough brightness and clear pattern to ensure clarity, according to different environments different LED light box display also To have the appropriate brightness to adapt. With the use of LED light box display, the brightness will gradually decay, under normal circumstances, when the brightness decays to half the initial brightness, by definition, the display life is over.

2, LED light box display color consistency: LED light box display in the primary color display, each color display color brightness and color are the same, no obvious white spots no variegated, able to clear the source of information information. LED light box in the general display shows the beginning of the general can guarantee the same color, with the use of time, the display color display will have a certain degree of attenuation.

In summary, the evaluation of LED light box display can be good or bad from these two aspects, low decay rate, attenuation curve consistency. To ensure that these two points, the first need to LED lights manufacturers have excellent manufacturing process, followed by the entire production line in the display does not make the LED tube by electrostatic strikes and so on.

LED light box display technology changes with each passing day, but also for the LED light box display industry has brought a good foundation for the development of LED light box in the display industry, enterprise groups to large-scale, standardized production-oriented product manufacturing enterprises, To market as the main service to meet the needs of the market.

Energy Saving Technology of Advertising Light Box Based on LED Luminescent Characteristics

First, the technical name: LED light-emitting characteristics based on the advertising light box energy-saving technology

Second, the scope and scope of application: lighting industry, rail transportation and other places advertising light box system

Third, with the technology-related energy consumption and carbon emissions status quo

At present, China’s advertising light box’s main light source system is still T8 / T5 fluorescent tube-based, such lamps exist low luminous efficiency, power consumption, light attenuation of serious, short life and other deficiencies. According to statistics, the current national subway lines a total of 93, a total of 2418 sites to 80 light boxes per site, light box area of ​​about 900,000 m2, each light box 500W calculation, the lighting power consumption of more than 400 million kWh / a. In addition, the bus station, high-speed rail stations, airports and other places there are a large number of advertising light boxes, the field has a greater energy-saving emission reduction potential. Application of the technology can achieve energy saving 10,000 tce / a, CO2 reduction of about 30,000 t / a.

Fourth, technical content

1. technical principle

The technology uses LED as the main light source, the LED light source modular design, the use of aluminum as a radiator, the upper side of the use of transparent materials for sealing treatment, the side with a fire rubber or plastic closed to LED from water vapor and dust Of the erosion, reduce the LED light loss, extend the life of LED to ensure that the light box light intensity. At the same time, the use of secondary reflection theory, the radiator profile as a light reflector, the light beam reflected back to the secondary reflection, uniform light plate of a light transmission rate of 55%, through the reflector after the second reflection, the overall Light transmittance can reach 85%, improve the light efficiency. In the case of maintaining the same light intensity, compared to the traditional fluorescent lamp, significantly reducing the advertising light box power consumption.

2. Key technologies

(1) LED module sealing technology. The use of LED module sealing technology to prevent environmental factors caused by LED light attenuation, to ensure that the LED light box display;

(2) light box reflector secondary reflection technology. The use of secondary reflection technology to improve light box light, reducing light box power consumption.

3. Process flow

Based on the LED light-emitting characteristics of the advertising light box LED module design, reflector reflection diagram, reflector secondary reflection diagram shown in Figure 1,2,3, respectively.

Figure 1 LED module design

Figure 2 Reflector reflection diagram

Fig.3 Schematic diagram of the secondary reflection of the reflector

Fifth, the main technical indicators

1. Light box surface illumination ≥ 3000 lux;

2. Light box unit area power consumption ≤ 35W / m²;

3. Color rendering index Ra ≥ 80;

4. Evenness (darkest / brightest) ≥90%;

5. Color temperature 5700K-6300K;

6. Illumination attenuation ≤ 3% / year.

Six, the status of technology applications and industrialization

The technology has received three national patents. At present, in Guangzhou and Shanghai, the city’s subway advertising light box in the application, and has become a national light box industry demonstration projects.

Seven, typical users and investment benefits

Typical users: Guangzhou Metro, Shanghai Metro

Typical case 1

Case Name: Guangzhou subway advertising light box full line of energy-saving projects

Technology Provided by: Jiangsu Shanshui Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd

Construction scale: the number of advertising channels for the full line of 6641. Main technical content: the use of advertising light box dedicated LED light source system instead of fluorescent light source system. Technical investment of 27 million yuan, the construction period of 6 months. Project annual energy savings of 3852tce, annual carbon emission reduction of 10,200 tCO2. Energy saving economic benefits To save electricity 9.94 million yuan, the investment recovery period of about 2.7 years.

Typical case 2

Case Name: Shanghai Shen Tong Tak high advertising light box LED light source renovation project

Technology Provided by: Jiangsu Shanshui Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd

Construction scale: Shanghai Metro Line 2, Line 2345 advertising light box transformation. Main technical content: the use of advertising light box dedicated LED light source system instead of fluorescent light source system. Technological transformation investment of 11 million yuan, the construction period of 6 months. The annual energy saving is 1104tce and the carbon emission reduction is 2915tCO2. Energy efficiency and economic benefits for the annual savings of 3.27 million yuan, the investment recovery period of 3.4 years.

Eight, to promote the prospects and energy-saving emission reduction potential

It is expected that in the next five years, the market size of China’s rail transit light boxes will exceed 5 million m2, and the proportion of technology will be 20% in the industry. The total investment will be 900 million yuan. Can be formed in the annual energy-saving capacity of 14 million tce, the annual carbon emission reduction capacity of 36 million tCO2.